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Here are our links to our most informative articles. These links are especially helpful for the new player or the recreational player. These links are free to a good home...





Of course, these are not all of my fun things, but it is a start. Stay tuned for more of these links and free plans, including paintball bazookas, and mortar launchers.


NOTE: Any information contained herein these pages and/or associated with The ArchAngels of New Jersey is for information purposes only. The ArchAngels, or any of it's members and affiliates are not responsible for the outcome of using any of the items found on this page whether free, or purchased. You must be 18 to purchase paintmarkers and related equipment. The ArchAngels are not responsible for any damage to property and/or personal injury from anything found within these pages.

In other words…Play at your own risk…and…don't try this at home.