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#1 No OOC Posts On The Roleplay Board That Is What the OOC Board Is For If You Do This You Will Be Punished No Warnings

#2 No Racism. If there is any sort of Racism the roleplay is voided and not counted

#3 No HTML In Name Only In The Roleplay Itself

#4 All Roleplays Must Be over 30 Lines if they are not than you dont belong here

#5 Don't use any other wrestlers in your roleplay without theres or the staffs consent/permission

#6 Don't advertise your fed here. If you do you will be fired on the spot

#7 No Killing of your opponent or persons related to your opponent in roleplays If this happens then the roleplay is voided and not counted

#8 Results for events will be posted the day after like it being the real event with the exception of PPV's wich are posted the day of, do not bug the staff about results and/or deadlines

#9 Most importantly Have Fun!

Event Deadlines
Raw Is War:(Sunday Nights 9:00PM Central Board Time)
Smackdown:(Wensday Nights 9:00PM Central Board Time)
PPV's:(Sunday Nights 12:00PM Pacific Board Time) There will be no Raw Is Wars the monday after PPV's And No Smackdown The Thursday Before, Wich Gives You A Full Week To post For The PPV Making The Posts Alot More Quality Filled