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Headlines: 7/16/01

The Smackdown Card is up check the Smack Page for the Card

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Raw is War

Live Events of the Week

Raw is War is the first of the two weekly shows in the XWWF. It will showcase what the XWWF has to offer to its fans and will come to everyone every monday night! 

XWWF Smackdown is the second show of the week and is taped..Samckdown comes off a live RAw and you can never know the outcome of this show anything can happen..

XWWF Pay Per View of the Month

XWWF Pay-Per-View

Are you ready for the Invasion?? This may not be the real WWF invasion but this Card is sure to give you a second look by the time you're done reading it..Ivasion will set the new truth in the XWWf...face and heels will show their selves and Xtreme is going to play apart in this Pay-Per-View XWWF Invasion will be help at the end of the month we start on...


Other Televised Events and Editorials..

XWWF Magazine

XWWF Magazine will be issued every month revling things about the superstars in the XWWF!

Friday Ross Report

The Ross Report will be almost every friday when Jim is not busy..Jim will give his review of the week in the XWWF!

Byte This

Weekend XWWF taped Show..will interview a XWWF Superstar and asks them grueling question about the XWWF and their careers...

RolePlayer of the Week and In Danger of being fired..

Role Player of the Week:

XWWF Congragulates this wrestler for giving it all he/she got this week so this is youre Roleplayer of the week XWWF you might be on it next week!

In Danger of being fired:

Let me put this straight...YOU SUCK!!!!! if you dont get you're roleplaying skills better youre ass is out of me you dont want to be on this list..