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    The Primal Scream Pillow:-
  • Helps reduce noise, great for kink active parents and for avioding nosey neighbours.
  • Provides a tactile comfort to a submissive during play
  • Aids focus and assists controlled breathing
  • Is twistable, squeezeable, won't break or loose shape 
  • Promotes freedom of expression - yelling groaning etc..without undesired reprials.
  • Is hand packed  and fully  machine washable
  • Promotes pain-positive play and exploration

  • Your choice of custom slip:-

  • Leather
    Crushed Velvet
    PVC (colors limited to availability)
  • Standard slips are a fine terry cloth, available in - Blue Pink White. ( see  below )

  • Entire package only $39.95 which includes:-
  • 1 Primal Scream Pillow
  • 1 Spare standard slip ( spare custom slips + $10.00 ea)
  • 100mls Primal Scream Rosewater Mist 
  • Clear PVC Storage bag only 5.00 extra ( until March 30th then $9.95 )
  • 7-10 day turn around on all Australian orders

  • Alternatively, the pillow can be utilized as a back, shoulder or neck support during long sessions. 

  • It is simple to use, lightweight and malleable,  allowing awkward positions to be maintained for longer periods.
    Great for sub's with a fear of pain or chronic joint injuries

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Standard Interchangeable Slips

More Information about the 
Primal Scream Pillow

The Primal Scream Pillow has been designed with a unique layering system that provides an effective  muffle to high-level noise. 
In doing so, the pillow enables a submissive  to feel safe in their vocal  expression of pain within a restricted eviroment, without the worry or fear of disturbing others or drawing undesired attention.

The heart shape of the Primal Scream Pillow allows for the unimpeded use of any complimentary tools such as gag's bits blindfolds etc.

The pillow has been designed to minimize interference and distraction while providing focus and comfort.

The Primal Scream Pillow  is large and durable enough to provide a real grip and physical anchor during play, yet is small enough to be lifted or manipulated single hand. 

Post session , the Primal Scream Pillow is discreet  addition to any bedroom setting. 
As well, it  provides an ongoing tactile, emotional and sensory security to both domiant  and submissive, a practical anchor point if you will.

The Primal Scream Pillow comes complete with an interchangeable pillow slip made from the softest yet  most durable stretch terry towelling we could find on the market. 

The Primal Scream Pillow is fully machine washable and/or the slips replaceable during a session without the distraction of fiddling with ties or concentrative effort. 

All materials used in the development of the Primal Scream Pillow are porus and hypoallergenic and where possible Australian owned manufacturers and companies are utilized.

The Primal Scream Pillow contains an inner core of high-density non-latex foam, itís edges softened with a layer of Dacron fill. 

The internal cover is a durable cotton percale that provides protection without reducing flexibility and  tactility. 

A second layer of Dacron fibre fill embraces the core as a soft light layer that feels wonderful on the  fingertips and cheek and makes for excellent hugability! 

The Pillow is then layered yet again with a smooth cotton interlock lining which provides a non-slip surface for the outer cover that assists in a snug smooth fit for the outer slip. 

Fold over tabs rather than buttons or ties make changing the cover simple and the slip itself maintains the  shape of the product after removal. 

The Primal Scream Pillow is proudly  owned by an Australian company and made within Australia, each one lovingly by hand.

The  Primal Scream Pillow is a registered Trademark of KYRALEX Concepts Pty Ltd Melboune Australia