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       Printable Order Form

All prices listed are in Australian Dollars unless specifically stated

Please ship my  Primal Scream   package to



City ____________________________

Postcode ________________________

Phone ( ___ ) ____ - _____ Ext _____

Email __________________________

Date ___________________________

  Unit Price
Primal Scream Pillow
( Package includes 1 spare pillow slip, brow damper and one 100ml bottle of rosewater mist.)
 $39.95 incl GST
Custom Slip Quantity:
( specify Leather, Velvet, PVC, Cotton)
$9.95 incl GST
PCV storage pouch Quantity         $5.00 incl GST
      (After March 30 - $9.95)
Spare Slips
( 1 slip per pack)
$9.95 incl GST
Extra Bottle of  Rose water Mist
( 100mls )
$6.95 incl GST
Postage and Packing
( one payment  per order )
Total Order

Simply print and fill out the order form,  include your  payment ( money order only) in the envelope and mail  direct to us at:

KYRALEX Concepts Pty Ltd
6 Nelson Avenue
Altona Meadows
 Vic 3028

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery

Alternatively you can utilize our direct deposit scheme and telephone us with your order on:
Melbourne 03) 93988378 or 03) 93158892.


( cut along this line)
In an effort to increase awareness, a portion of the profits taken from sales of The Primal Scream Pillow will be sent to Australian Amnesty to aid in the ongoing struggle and fight against  Female Genital Mutilation. 

Thankyou for your support

The Primal Scream Pillow tm
A pain positive approach to play

Bought to you by KYRALEX Concepts,
Melbourne Australia