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Feast your eyes on a bike that's as spacious and enticing as the wide open american highway. It's the bike you dream of when your dreams involve cruising toward a never ending horizon.

THIS BIKE IS NOW FOR SALE. PRICE IS $5500.00 CALL 440-725-4786


Long, low, cruiser design with emphasis on custom details, comfort, low rpm operation and ease of maintenance.

Narrow 1462 cc, 6-valve air/oil cooled engine is designed for maximum low/mid-range torque and acceleration.

45 degree phase, dual pin crankshaft minimizes vibration plus added flywheel mass enhances low/mid-range power.

SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electro-Chemical Material) cylinder plating is durable, minimizes cylinder size & weight and improves heat dissipation.

Efficient SACS air/oil cooling system (front & rear cylinder) system with additional piston-jet cooling and engine oil cooler.

Mikuni 36 mm carburetors provide excellent throttle response and are mounted between the cylinders with common linkage for simplified maintenance.

Hydraulic valve lash adjusters eliminate valve adjustment maintenance.

Silent operation cam chains with automatic tensioners never need adjustment.

Hydraulic clutch eliminates adjustment maintenance plus back torque limiter ensures smooth downshifts.

Smooth shifting 5-speed transmission with low maintenance, low torque reactive shaft final drive. Gear ratios set for low engine rpm at cruising speed.

Right-side mounted, large volume exhaust system is tuned for low rpm power and a throaty exhaust sound.

Long 1700 mm wheelbase chassis, with 32 rake angle, is set up for low seat height with comfortable seating and control positions.

Brake and clutch levers feature 6-way adjustment and are mounted on a wide 1" diameter handlebar.

Wide, thickly padded seats - rear seat can be removed for open fender look.

Double cradle steel frame is made of large diameter steel tubing for rigidity with bolt-on sections for ease of maintenence.

Link-type rear suspension with preload adjustment combined with 43 mm front forks provide a comfortable, compliant ride.

Fuel filler is positioned below a locking cover to maintain sleek appearance with a 4.1 gallon fuel tank positioned below the seat for a low center of gravity.

Stopping is sure with disc brakes both front (11.6 in. diameter) and rear (10.8 in. diameter).

Wide 150/80-16 front and 180/70-15 rear tire are mounted on custom-styled machined aluminum wheels.

Electronic speedometer with LCD fuel gauge, odometer & twin trip meter.

Wide floorboard-type footrests.

A wide range of optional accessories


Custom bags

Gel seat

Several custom chrome trim pieces

The Wild Bunch

As we travel the highways of our countryside, may we experience the love of life and adventure in the great outdoors, and one's peace of mind in our inner self. May we safely soar with pride in one's self and one's machine, respect the rights of others, and seek to quell all prejudices, and extend the hand of fellowship to each other. And may we all stand united against the oppressions confronting us with all the spirit, will, and determination as our forefathers once did when founding our great Nation, for We Are One Of The Last Symbols Of America's Freedom.

Suzuki Intruder LC1500 motorcycle group

Ride free. Ride safe. .

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