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well me. kev. jared and andy were fooling around with our instruments and stuff
and we started playing songs and stuff, mostly our own hit song no one's heard, "Die Taliban", and the
deftones song, "my own summer". although we suck, and awe re nowhere near good or pro, or amatuer, we did
it for the fun. the third time we chilled, andy brought his camera and were putting up some pics we took.
jared only has a hi hat, and needs a few more symbols, like crash and splash, and i got a shitty washburn
that has the worst pickups. and my amp is small as hell. andy has an old as PA system that takes in a mike
but u gotta plug the PA system into stereo speakers. we suck, got shitty equipment, but we still play.
and the cat in the pics is named Patches, or fatcat, its jared's lazy,old, but cute cat. oh, and our band
is named chairwheel, and the wheel that is on my chair in my bedroom. we succk.. and andys gonna take up bass. hopefully.