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What in Tartarus am I doing? Is this what you're asking?

Good question!

I'm taking a bit of a break for now...

A break?!

What do you mean a break!? Its not like you've actually updated in a month!

Shhhhhhhh Keep quiet with those things!

Really, I've thought about making a new page. This will be much larger, creative, full of pictures and information about my interests...

*Gasp* But what interests you that I'd like to see?!

Well, of course a page full of dedications to the Warrior Princess, along with Lord of the Rings, music, and other addictions of mine.

The picture collections, graphics, and goodies, you can be sure will be much more in the past...

Oh! Lovely webmistress! When will such a miracle be appearing before my eyes?!

*sigh* I cannot say... Pray for some urge to design graphics in spare(HA! Do I have that?) time to hit me... Which I am quite sure it will!

Until then... fear not! I shall return, and in greater glory *laughter in the background*

*cough* Pardon me... anyhow... *smiles* Be off with ye now! But return you shall! For the web shall entangle me again, and pages of my own will return with that...

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