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Moonflower's Garden
Updated on February 27, 2003

Merry Meet and welcome to my Garden. I am Moonflower, a Wiccan of 9 years and this website is something that I decided to make because I know how hard it is for new Wiccans to find their way through all the mess of people telling them that they MUST practice a certian religion even when their heart is telling them that it isn't where they truly belong. I personally don't care what religion you are, I hope everyone feels comfortable exploring this whole site as well as all the other positive Wicca (or any other religion for that matter) websites. I'm always open to questions or if there's anything that you'd like to see on this website, just tell me :). Also, it should go without mention that a comment in the Guestbook, wouldn't go amiss! I also have HumanClick from Bravenet, so if the HumanClick button at the bottom of the page says "Click for a real person!" I'm online and able to chat with you. Feel free to buzz me anytime!

New Notes from the Webmistress
Another update! I've added a bathtime ritual and a listing of the Sabbats to the Book of Shadows, as well as The Charge of the Goddess, and to the main page I've added information on the Pentagram/Pentacle.

This website is dedicated to my dear friend Bruce, who, along with his younger sister Alison passed from this incarnation on September 19, 2000, killed by a drunk driver. He was only 18 years old. May the Goddess hold you in her arms ....

My Book Of Shadows
Elemental Correspondences
Magickal Terms
The Pentagram/Pentacle
To Be or Not to Be? Wiccan or Witch?
Cool Links
The 13 Goals of a Witch

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