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*Please note that links to photos of my chest surgery results have been removed from this website. Dr. Brownstein has retired from practice, and there are many websites available which show top surgery results.*

My surgery was done by Dr. Michael Brownstein in San Francisco, CA. I had a bilateral mastectomy with nipple grafting. I chose Brownstein for a number of reasons:

1. His reputation. Brownstein is known all over the country for his work with FTM patients. When I first began my coming out process, I lived in Western Massachusetts. I attended a few meetings of a local FTM group and found that a majority of them had traveled all the way to San Francisco to have their surgery, even though there were a number of competent surgeons closer to New England.

2. His results. Many of the guys I met prior to my surgery were more than happy to show off their "new" chests. By far, I was most impressed with Brownstein's results. I have not encountered a patient of his who is unhappy with their results. Of course, this doesn't mean that *no one* is unhappy, I just haven't met any yet (and, trust me, I've asked to see a lot of chests!). Plus, he did Loren Cameron's chest *wink*.

3. His attitude. Brownstein is a laid-back guy, and easy to work with. He took time to answer questions, and spent quite a bit of time speaking with my parents and my partner(who were with me for the surgery). It was also pretty cool that his dog Frank (the wonder weiner dog) went everywhere except the operating room with him :)

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