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Texas Freight Train World Wide Radio Organization's Year 2000 Top 50 UFO's and Alien Websites!

TFTWWRO's Year 2000 Top 50 UFO's and Alien Websites

TFTWWRO's awards for the year Top 50 websites

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TFTWWRO's Year 2000 Top 50 Main Awards Website
TFTWWRO's Year 2000 Top 50 Awards for our winning websites!
TFTWWRO's Year 2000 Top 50 Strange Websites!
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TFTWWRO's Year 2000 Top 50 Vampire Websites

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All of the below websites have won all the awards,prizes and free stuff above!

TFTWWRO's Year 2000 Top 50 Worlds Best UFOs & Aliens Websites

  • CSICOP Online
  • UFOSeek
  • Fortean Times Online
  • Official Website of MUFON
  • UFOs sighting reports
  • Alien Joes UFO and Space Mysteries
  • Aliens and UFOs Amoung Us
  • Extraterrestrial Life & UFOs
  • psychology of UFO
  • The Temporal Doorway
  • UFO Digest Reveals ( UFO Video Proof )
  • UFOs & Transformation
  • Alien War
  • Watcher Website Conspiracy & Prophecy Index
  • Alien UFOs, Mysteries, & Phenomena
  • project Galactic Guide ( Faking UFOs )
  • NOVA Online/Kidnapped by UFOs?
  • The Millennium Matters
  • Alantis Rising
  • Gulf Breeze UFOs Website
  • I Filmed UFOs
  • Evademic's UFOs&Aliens Site
  • B.U.F.O.D. Space, Above and Beyond
  • The Raelian revolution
  • Nebula Ufos & Aliens
  • UFO's are a Hot Topic
  • German Secret W weapons of WW II and Nazi UFOs
  • The Enterprise Mission
  • About UFO's
  • ParaScope: something Strange is Happening!
  • SETI Institute Online
  • Jeff Rense ( Sightings )
  • ExoScience
  • The Black Vault
  • Mothership
  • National UFO Reporting Center
  • UFO Magazine Online
  • Anomalous Images and UFO Files
  • Rutgers UFO website
  • Malta UFO Research
  • Billy Meier website of the FIGU
  • Society for Scientific Exploration
  • Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
  • UFO INFO( The Home of UFO Roundup )
  • British UFO Research Association
  • International Society for UFO Research
  • Aliens or Dates?
  • Center For The Study Of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
  • The Ultimate UFOLOGIST WWW Page
  • UFO Folklore

  • Texas FTWW Radio Organization
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