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The Secret UFO T.F.T. Experiment

The Top Secret USA T.F.T. Experiment and the "Boss"

Somewhere in the past, the future met the present and the T.F.T. Experiment happened!

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The Year 2000 things began to happen

I am the witness ( Called the "Boss" ) of the secret USA project called, the TFT.

This is such a discovery that it makes the atom bomb, like a firecracker! The A-Bomb was nothing to what was found at Roswell, New Mexico.

This is my eyewitness account of the story and I still shake thinking about it.

The date was 0800am, January 03, 2000 when I entered the lab but first let me tell you how it all began!

The Boss and Friends at Fort Worth Sheriff Office

I do not want to give to many details of where the lab is but I will tell you it is close to Fort Worth, Texas. I seen many things that were shipped there from Roswell in 1947. Washington thought that everything was sent to them but boy was everyone fooled.I got my Peace Officer licences in Fort Worth while I worked for the Fort Worth Sheriff office, I received my nickname the "Boss" by the inmates of the Tarrant County jail.I was known as the "Boss" all the way to T.D.C.( State Prison ). I worked there from about 1978 to 1990. I was a good officer and recieved two promotions. I also got to work with the US Marshals guarding Federal Prisoners at the hospitals. This is when I first got introduced to the U.S. Government secret angent. It was in 1989 when he suggested that I change jobs. I told him I would think about it.

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The T.F.T. UFO Experiment Began!

I was the last one to be hooked up to the machine. It was around 2:00 pm in the afternoon. They attached all the wires to my head and body.

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I had left my job and was working as a private eye. I was promoted to a Captain in a world wide security and investigation company. My pay was great and my life was just fine.After working for the company for about three years I was contacted by the Angent again. He wanted to discuss my future again working for his agency.

The job was just like all security and law enforcement jobs. We were to keep our mouth shut about certain things. I knew how to keep orders. I'm a former US Marine and Viet Nam Vet. I had to sign about 50 forms and take all types of test. I was hired by the organization in 1996. It started out as a routine investigation job. I worked for two weeks one night just observing four trucks at a factory. Someone has cut the brake lines on one of the trucks a few weeks back. I was trying to catch the person doing it again.

In 2000, I was shown something that changed my life. I saw several things that had been recovered form a crash in New Mexico. I'm sure you have heard about the UFO several years ago that had crashed in New Mexico and they said it was a weather balloon. I heard the same story but for the first time in my life, I was seeing things with my own eyes! I was shown pictures of Alien bodies and other things.

I got to see five things that was taken off the UFO called Jupitor#18. One object was a piece of the outside of the space ship. The material was copied and is used on the US space shuttle today. Object two was a little lazor light pen. This pen was not powered by batteries and was as powerful as a cutting torch. Object three was a small computer looking thing that was opened. I saw several chips and things that looked like transistors. I was told that this is how we got our computer chips. Object four was so weird that I can't even began to explain it in words. I will tell you that it is kind of like trying to explain a pyramid!

January 03, 2000. Object five is what I'm going to tell you about. I was involved in the TFT experiment.It was about 8:00 am when I arrived at the lab.I was told that since the crash near an Air Force Base in New Mexico that item Five was a dead non-working item. It had started making noice a few days ago and a green glow was coming from it. It was not a light glow but more like smoke that didn't move!. It was a small looking thing about the size of a desk top computer or base station CB Radio. It had wires that came out of it like a medical EKG machine.

They wanted to hook up the wires to me and three other people. There was one lady, two men and me. The lady was about ten years older than me and only lasted five minutes on the machine. She started having some kind of an nervous attack and was picked up by an ambulance.The last story I got was that she was taken to a State Hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas ten miles south of Sheppard Air Force base.

The Two other men were former service men. One was a Viet Nam Vet out of the Army and the other was much younger and served in the Navy during the Gulf war. They each took about two hours lab time on the machine. I was an observer of both men while they were hooked up. As you all know the rest of the story has been removed from this webpage. I told you that I only had a short time to tell you the truth. As long as the TFTWWRO will let me, I will answer your questions by E-Mail. I must inform you that they have found out about someone involved in the project releasing information but they haven't pointed their finger at me yet..Since January 03, 2001, I have been involved in over 65 new T.F.T. projects and the next one is scheduled for February 04,2001..

I will answer all your questions about life,death,history,future,religion, and so on..

Please help me get my story out by linking to this website.I do appreciate all those people who have sent love gifts so I can stay on line and continue telling the T.F.T. story. This is only about 1 % of 10,000 % of what I have learned from the machine.For questions,information,help or what ever, Just make sure that you send your E-Mail to the "Boss" in care of the TFTWWRO..

Since a Top Secret experiment called the T.F.T., The "Boss" knows about everything you can ask or wonder about. Send the "Boss" E-Mail today! The "Boss"

Help the "Boss" stay online and to continue telling us the TFT story. To answer everyones E-Mail, to keep writing, and teaching us his out of this world knowledge !

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

This is the Boss. After talking to those who are in charge of the TFT project. I learned that what I saw was just parts from a weather balloon that came from Roswell. The other things were just to see how much information could be trusted by all of us. I must tell you that there are not any UFOs ever found by the US Army, Airforce or anybody in our government. There should not be any investigations of NASA or anything about UFOs. I'm sorry if I was under stress but the VA Hospital is giving me medication for it. I made up the whole TFT project. I thank the TFTWWRO for this report and what I said in the new secret book in France to their government was all made up. PLEASE BE Advised that UFOs are just mostly Swamp gas, Flares and weather balloons. Even President Jimmy Carter thought he saw one and it turned out to be a planet. Second hand smoke is dangerous and causes cancer in non-smokers. It has nothing to do with nuclear waste that is used for UFO fuel. This will be my last post... Thank you very much TFTWWRO... The Boss... The TFTWWRO has not removed certain information on this page even though we have been WARNED to do so by several people. The TFTWWRO is world wide and no one owns the internet. If you have an interesting TRUE Story about UFOs...Send them to us...
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