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Texas Freight Train World Wide Radio Organization's Year 2000 Top 50 Strange Websites!

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TFTWWRO's Year 2000 Top 50 Strange Websites

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  • Year 2000 Top 50 Awards

    The Top 50 Year 2000 Best Strange Websites in the World!

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  • Siklink
  • Strange Websites
  • Interesting World
  • Odd and Strange Sites
  • Odd and Unusual Websites
  • Absolute Crap
  • Strange&Bad Websites
  • Red's World Wide Weird
  • The Strange
  • phReak Strange website
  • I Should Be Working Strange links
  • The BigKid Collection of Weird Sites
  • Only Val's World of Weird Websites
  • The World's Weirdest Websites
  • The WeirdSite
  • Weird Websites
  • Weird Science
  • The Paranormal Post Office
  • DogTrax Website of the Weird
  • Vistar's Weird Website of the Day
  • Weird Links
  • HorrorFind
  • Warning Page
  • CAUS Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
  • Websites of the Weird
  • Debi's Homepage ( Strange Classified Ads)
  • Cool BookMark
  • Strange Haze
  • Strange places
  • FunZone Depot
  • Web Oddities
  • The Strange Case of the Lost Elvis Diaries
  • The Minotaur's Labyrinth
  • Brain Damage
  • Veteran/Military Websites
  • Strange Foreign Objects in Dog Feces
  • Strange Trips
  • Strange Pleasures Official Homepage
  • Day Tips ( Strange News )
  • Anomalies ( The Strange and Unexplained )
  • Strange Texas News
  • Strange Places
  • World of the Strange!
  • Strange Videos
  • Strange and Unusual Dictionaries
  • E-Zine Strange and Unexplained Tabloid Stories
  • Strange Vampyre's Tomb of Strange & Unusual
  • The Unexplained Site
  • Strange Apparatus-Online Browser
  • The Sourcebook Project

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  • Rolling Stones (Virgin website)
  • Soul a Go Go
  • Strange Stories sent in to the TFTWWRO about UFOs,Monsters,Ghost, and More!
  • Tamburaweb
  • The Velvet Underground web page
  • The Voodoo Files (Hendrix website)
  • The
  • Texas Claw Killer
  • Texas Ghost Year 2000
  • Ghost of the Prairie: American Ghost & Hauntings
  • Ghost and Hauntings from around the World!
  • Ghost of Key West
  • GhostLabs research Society ( Ghost of Old New Orleans )
  • Jan's Courtyard of Haunted Pages
  • Salt Lake City Ghost and Hauntings Research Society
  • Ghost in the Castles ( National Geographic )
  • International Ghost Hunters Society
  • The Spirit website
  • Ghost stories Index

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