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What I Think of Tony

Well let me start off saying that Iíve been a fanÖor supporter since November of 2000. I first saw him on The Famous Jett Jackson during the ďSpecial Helpings Thanksgiving Marathon.Ē I started out liking the guy that played Cubby and recorded the episodes he was in only. Not knowing that I would notice Tony later. I started to ignore ďCubbyĒ and noticed that a certain villain on the show stood out more. Yup, you guessed it, the Rat..aka Tony Munch. I started watching that show more and more and recorded every episode he was in. And I went on the Internet and researched him. Didnít find much except filmographies, movie and play reviews. I decided it was time to act. It was time I made a website for him. Now known as the one youíre at right now. TUTMP..or in other words, The Unofficial Tony Munch Page.

I made this site especially for him. And I didnít find any other fan pages out there so this page seems to be unique. So is he. Anyway, more to why heís in my eyes. I saw more of his works and noticed a true talent. I saw something in him that I didnít see in other actors. A certain finesse if you will. Itís just more than his looks and talent. I can Ďsenseí something else about him. I canít really explain what it is. I know what youíre thinking, itís Ďloveí. No, itís not. I donít love him romantically. I donít have dreams about being with him because Iím in the reality. I know that heís with someone and Iím happy for him. I donít want him to be alone. No one should. If heís happy, Iím happy.

Tony has pretty much worked his ass off during his career. I can tell. I can also tell that heís got guts and heís not afraid of showing it. I see a true leader as well. His professional career in acting has made me realize how amazing a person can be in that area. Iíve been told of how heís a truly nice guy in Ďreal lifeí and stuff. I do believe that. Some actors seem to be nice but then you donít know their true colors until you meet them. I wonít give an example but I know Tonyís not like that. One of his friends talked to me before and told me that heís nice and stuff. And I believe him. He looks like a mean bad person because of the characters he portrays and his appearance. Thatís why he gets those roles. That doesnít mean heís not nice, caring and whatnot in real life.

On to his looks. I believe his height is 5í7. Donít know that for sure. For the past 10 years or so heís had medium length hair. Just recently, heís cut it short. Like a military cut of some sort. I noticed that on Black Hole High. I was like, ďhmmÖlooks different. Going to have to get used to it.Ē He still looks good no matter what hairstyle he as. He looks pretty good for his age. 37 to be exact. Now youíre asking, ďwhy do you like older men?Ē Well, I just do. Iím not really attracted to the young actors that are my age. Anyway, Tony has the most beautiful eyes Iíve ever seen. Seems corny, I know. I like that brown hair/blue eyes combo. Heís a very good-looking man. And may I add, a cute little butt too. I have to admit that I also like men with hairy chests. Heís not fat either; heís medium size, buff-like. Heís just an average guy. An average man with true talent and more.

Heís also pretty much changed my life in ways. Iím not saying that he has changed my life Iím just saying how much heís involved in my hard times and good times. I do feel down all the time. He makes me feel better at times. How so? Well sometimes you know how books and music (ect.) calm people down and help them with hard times? Well for me, itís Tony sometimes. If I feel down and whatnot I usually work on his website, watch his tapes, or just think about him. Thinking about him in ways like, wondering how heís doing and stuff. He also gives me hope that I can follow my dreams and succeed like he has. Yes, he some sort of role model for me. I wouldnít doubt that.

As far as obsession goesÖ.Iím not obsessed. I donít spend my waking hours thinking about him. Heís pretty much involved in my small spare time. Iím not crazy like most people. And if I ever met him, I wouldnít all be jumping on him and screaming. Iím not like that at all. I would just act like myself in my mature manner. Iím not one of those people who dream all day and sighs away. I respect him. I know he wouldnít want me to do such things. As far as meeting him is concerned. I wouldnít say that itís impossible because I believe that if itís meant to happen it will. I would love to meet him someday. And Iím sure I will. But the distance is a problem as well. He lives about 2,500 miles northeast of me. And I am planning a trip to Toronto soon. (not going for him, going for me) And if heís in town it could happen. And I wouldnít expect a lot. Just maybe a friendly hello and conversation. I donít expect fireworks and romance. Well it would depend on him..heh heh. Anyway, I would just like to be his friend at the most. Iím sure he wouldnít turn down friendship. Heís the type of person that I would most likely be a friend with. I admire his standards, talents and kindness.

Heís a truly talented, nice, and beautiful person that deserves a fan like me. And the fact that he wrote me back also made me think more positive things about him. He told me how much he appreciates my kindness, support, and interest in his acting career. And how much he loves his website. I would just like to say in responseÖThank you, Tony. Iím here if you need anything. Iím not just here as a fan or supporter, but as a friend too. Donít be afraid to contact me more in any way.

To sum up this whole thing I would like to say some more things. He may not have that many fans but from what I can see during his acting career, that heís getting more recognition. He used to do very small roles in tv movies and stuff. But after Jett Jackson, heís done a little more. Like on Black Hole High. He plays the mysterious Janitor. An important (to context) role in that show. He was in 11 out of 13 of the first season episodes. And I donít see any reason why he wouldnít be in season two. They just wouldnít get rid of the Janitor like that. The Janitor has something about him that connects with the mysteries of the school. I would love to see what happens next. And after his current play is over, comes April. The month that season two starts filming. I sure hope his calendar is scheduled for that. Anyway, the point is that Iím thinking maybe itís the support of his fans that is getting him more roles. Is it because of us? I know for a fact that every actor has fans. At least one. And in his case I know he has more than I know of. And you know how actors just love the support of their fans. Makes them want to work harder and do more. Thatís when their ego kicks in I guess. Kind of like them saying, ďhmm..they like my work. Maybe I should do more. Iíll give them more and more and Iíll feel so much better because someone out there adores me.Ē They like that. And I know Tony does. Why wouldnít he like attention? Anyway, I should sum this up. Tony, donít ever forget that Iím (as well as others are) here for you. Iím behind you all the way. Donít ever give up your dreams. Itíll pay off soon. Who knows, maybe youíll have an award someday..or your very own tv show. Well whatever your dream is, know that Iíll be here.

Until next time

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