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Tony Munch in the Arts

This page is about Tony's other works..such as theatre and radio. This is all the info I have at the moment so brace yourself:

1. Theatre:
*Pre-Paradise Sorry Now: I don't have info on this piece..I think I saw it on a search engine once.
*Our Father/Matador Love: Aug. 10-12 at the Cameron in Toronto.
*Down Dangerous Passes Road: Nov. 8-Dec. 2, 2001 at the Factory Theatre in Toronto.
*Suburban Motel: Feb. 25-Mar. 16th, 2003 at the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa, Ontario.
*Inexpressible Island: April 15-May 2, the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa, Ontario.
*Mosley and Me: date unknown. workshop session only
*The Enchanted: Feb. 22-Mar. 3, 1996 at the Cabbagetown Theatre Company as Asst. Painter and Construction on stage.
*Lucky Lady: April 30, 1997. GCTC. as Bernie
*Hudson's Bay Boy (3rd workshop): At Equity Showcase Theatre
*Problem Child. New Stages
*Twelth Night, As You Like It. Festival of Classics
*Cold Comfort. Can-Do Theatre. UK Premiere
*Lilies. National Arts Centre
*Drums In The Night
*Point Valaine. Shaw Festival
*Lucy: March 5th-April 14th 2007. A CanStage production. At Berkeley Stree Theatre
*The Optimists: Jan. 29th-Feb. 17th, 2008 @ GCTC

2. Radio
*Golden Gate: Dec. 4-11, 1999 ABC/CBC co. production,as Phil.

***If you go to the last link, I made some screencaps from a scene that he is in from Lucy***


Lucky Lady
Our Father/Matador Love
Suburban Motel
Down Dangerous Passes Road
The Enchanted
Golden Gate
GG 2
Inexpressible Island
Lucy 2
Lucy 3
Lucy 4
Lucy 5
Lucy 6
Lucy 7
Lucy 8
Lucy 9

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