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Tony Munch Info

This is some basic info I got on him

Name: Tony Munch. Probably Anthony
Last Name Origin: Munsch = German/Danish
Birthday/Age: 12/4/65
Height: approx. 5'7
Weight: Probably 160-210/65 kilograms from according to a tv show (canadian)..but that's not always accurate..hehe.
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada...maybe
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue (very beautful)
Works at/Associated with: ACTRA Toronto
Agent: Steve Young (Steve Young and Associates)
Marital Status: Married to actress Catherine Fitch
Training: National Theatre School of Canada (Montreal) (college) graduated in 1989.
Children: Unknown ???
Sign: Sagittarius
Other: 50+ projects/appearances/plays/ect.
His movies included Jett Jackson: The Movie, Dracula 2000, Witchblade, Murder Most Likely, Thick as Thieves (1991), The Hope Un-hoped For, Thanks of a Grateful Nation, Mrs. Winterbourne, Spike of Love, Choices of the Heart: The Margaret Sanger Story, Land of the Dead, Owning Mahowny, Sins of the Father, Verdict in Blood, Cube Zero, Nemesis Game, The Prince & Me, Dieppe, The Ride, "The Maharaja's Daughter", .45, Shoot 'Em Up, One Way, Dolan's Cadillac, and Prisoner of Love. TV appearances in F/X the series, Top Cops, 21 Jump Street, Street Legal, Wild Card, Puppets Who Kill, Land of the Dead, Cinderella Man, 1-800-MISSING, Degrassi, Wild Card, "Above and Beyond", Naturally Sadie, Blue Murder, This is Wonderland, Amazon, Total Recall 2070, Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, Nancy Drew, Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science, Across the River to Motor City, Flashpoint, CBC's Magic Hour, Puppets Who Kill, Once A Thief, Due South, and a co-starring role on his new show Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. Not to mention The Famous Jett Jackson. I think he did some radio broadcasting and a lot of theater, as well.

Tony was in a 5 minute short film back in 1994 called The Hope Unhoped For..or was it Unhoped-for Hope? anyway, it played in Quebec and it was by Serge Ladouceur. It starred Martin Fortier, TM, and Serge Carrier. Here is the synopsis: A reflexion of the human condition when there does not remain any more hope. What can three political prisoners think and feel in waiting for their execution? hmm...sounds neat..if we could see it. fat chance i suppose. :(

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