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Tony Munch Filmography

This is in order from first works to present works. Go by air date, as well. Look for some of his stuff in TV, theaters, or rentals. Enjoy!

*~*...*~*: got picture/s
(((...))): Unknown/no video/no pics
^^^...^^^: pics to come soon/not yet aired/waiting for it to air or come to video

((("CBC's Magic Hour-The Prom"/1st car thief/1990)))
^^^"Street Legal-Security Exchange"/Rod/Jan 5 1990^^^
(((Thick as Thieves/Dave/1991)))
*~*Dieppe/Mess Soldier/1993*~*
*~*"Street Legal-Feared by the Bad, Loved by the Good"/Ross Duggan/Dec. 6, 1993*~*
(((Unhoped-for Hope/The Hope Unhoped For - 5 minute short film - 1994)))
*~*Spike of Love/1994*~*
*~*"Kung Fu: The Legend Continues"-"Temple"/Starrett/March 3, 1994*~*
*~*"Maharaja's Daughter, The"(tvmini)/Plainclothes Police/1994*~*
*~*Choices of the Heart: The Margaret Sanger Story/Bohemian #1/Lifetime movie/March 8, 1995*~*
((("Side Effects"/Snap, Crackle, Pop!/Bronco/Oct. 13th, 1995)))
((("Nancy Drew"/The Ballad of Robin Hood/Theif/Oct. 21st, 1995)))
*~*"Psi Factor-Reptilian Revenge"/October 12th, 1996*~*
*~*Mrs. Winterbourne/Steve's Pal/April 19, 1996*~*
*~*"John Woo's Once A Thief"-"Li Ann's Choice"/Waxman/Feb. 14th, 1998*~*
*~*Thanks of a Grateful Nation/Ned Brisby/May 31, 1998*~*
*~*Prisoner of Love/Joey/1999*~*
*~*"Total Recall 2070-Nothing Like The Real Thing"/Bobby Mongo/Jan 19th, 1999*~*
*~*"Psi Factor-Valentine"/Kevin Vincent/Feb. 15th, 1999*~*
*~*"Due South-Call of the Wild"/Jerry Smith/March 14th, 1999*~*
*~*"TFJJ-Popularity"/Sept. 10th, 1999*~*
*~*Murder Most Likely/Boyfriend/Nov. 28, 1999*~*
(((The Ride/2000)))
*~*"TFJJ-Grades"/Jan 14th, 2000*~*
*~*"Peter Benchley's Amazon-Circle of Fire"/Apr. 29th, 2000*~*
*~*"TFJJ-Pride"/May 6, 2000*~*
*~*"TFJJ-What You Wish For"/June 3rd, 2000*~*
*~*"TFJJ-Pledge of Allegiance"/Aug. 5th, 2000*~*
*~*"TFJJ-Heroes"/August 19th, 2000*~*
*~*Witchblade/August 22nd, 2000*~*
*~*"TFJJ-Wheels"/Sept 16th, 2000*~*
*~*"TFJJ-Survival of the Fittest"/October 22nd, 2000*~*
*~*"TFJJ-Vote of Confidence"/November 3rd, 2000*~*
*~*Dracula 2000/Charlie/December 22nd, 2000*~* ((("Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science/Pat Coghlin/Jan. 1st, 2001)))
*~*"TFJJ-Awakenings Part 1"/May 18, 2001*~*
*~*"TFJJ-Awakenings Part 2"/May 25, 2001*~*
*~*Jett Jackson: The Movie/The Rat,Maury/June 8, 2001*~*
*~*Sins of the Father/Herman Cash/Jan 6, 2002/tv movie/now available on DVD and Video/a KKK film..he was in the KKK who was a suspect in a black church bombing..died before testified in court*~*
*~*Verdict in Blood/Jed Brody/May 27, 2002/tv movie*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Wormhole"/Oct. 5th, 2002*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Invisible"/Oct. 12th, 2002*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Lifetime"/Nov. 23rd, 2002*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Fate"/Dec. 7th, 2002*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Culture"/Dec. 14th, 2002*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Radio"/Jan. 5th, 2003*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Storm"/Jan. 11th, 2003*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Who?"/Jan. 19th, 2003*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Lost"/Jan. 26th, 2003*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Robot"/Feb. 1 (3rd), 2003*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Shrink"/Mar. 1, 2003*~*
*~*"Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye-Prodigal Father"/April 6, 2003*~*
*~*"Blue Murder-Hard Times"/paramedic #2/April 11, 2003*~*
*~*Owning Mahowny/Observer #2/May 2, 2003 (US limited release date)
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Wormhole2(squared)"/Sept. 13, 2003/season 2 premiere*~*
*~*Nemesis Game/Bearded Man (actually, he was a subway janitor)/Sept. 13, 2003*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Pheromones"/Sept. 20, 2003*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Cold"/Sept. 27, 2003*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Genome"/Oct. 4, 2003*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Equation"/Jan. 3, 2004*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Hemispheres"/Jan. 10, 2004*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Echolocation"/Jan. 24, 2004*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Stopwatch"/Jan. 31, 2004*~*
*~*Prince & Me, The/Keith Kopetsky/theatre release (US/Canada) was on April 2, 2004...DVD&video release Aug. 10th, 2004*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Transference"/Sept. 4, 2004*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Tesseract"/Oct 2, 2004*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Camouflage"/Oct. 9, 2004*~*
*~*"Wild Card-Bada Bing, Bada Busiek"/Eddie Merlino/Oct. 10, 2004
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High-Nanotechnology"/Oct. 30, 2004*~*
*~*Cube Zero/Owen/DVD release in jan. or feb. 2005*~*
*~*Cinderella Man/Sam Penny/June 3rd, 2005*~*
*~*"1-800-MISSING-Off the Grid"/George Maiser/July 10, 2005
*~*"Naturally, Sadie"/Be Our Pest/bat exterminator/Aug. 28, 2005
*~*Land of the Dead/Anchor/Oct 21, 2005*~*
*~*"Degrassi: The Next Generation-Lexicon of Love pt. 1 & 2"/Chad Nunez/Nov. 28th, 2005*~* *~*"This is Wonderland"/Darryl Freeman/Jan. 25th, 2006*~*
*~*"Strange Days at Blake Holsey High"/Janitor/Conclusions/Jan. 28, 2006*~*
^^^"Puppets Who Kill"/Mr Big./Waiter/March 16th, 2006^^^
*~*"Naturally, Sadie"/Election/Fred/Apr. 30, 2006*~*
*~*"Naturally, Sadie"/The Last Waltz/Fred/May 7th, 2006*~*
*~*"Naturally, Sadie"/Rashomon/Fred/Sept. 10th, 2006*~*
*~*"Naturally, Sadie"/The Mask/Fred/Sept. 17th, 2006*~*
^^^"Above and Beyond"/Joe Mackey/Nov. 2006^^^
*~*"Naturally, Sadie"/A Very Sadie Christmas/Fred/Dec. 16th, 2006*~*
*~*"Naturally, Sadie"/Sliding Closet Doors/Fred/Jan. 14th, 2006
*~*.45/Clancy/on DVD April 27th '07*~*
*~*"Degrassi: The Next Generation - Don't You Want Me/Chad/May 7th & May 14th*~*
*~*Shoot 'Em Up/Man Who Rides Shotgun/Sept. 7th, 2007*~*
*~*"Across the River to Motor City"/Leo/"Walk Like A Man (Dec. 13th, 2007)/"Treat Her Right" (Dec. 20th, 2007)*~*
(((One Way/unknown/2007)))
^^^Murder On Her Mind (Who Named The Knife)/Tom Sneed/Oct. 11th, 2008^^^
*~*"Flashpoint"/Perfect Storm/Step-Dad/May 1st, 2009
*~*"Aaron Stone"/Dreamcast/Tranq/Oct 10,, 2009*~*
*~*Dolan's Cadillac/Blocker/2009*~*
^^^The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day/50s Thug/Oct 30, 2009^^^
*~*"Murdoch Mysteries" - "Hangman"/Detective Chester MacDonald/April 27, 2010*~*
(((Red Coat Justice/Cobb/2010?)))

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