beautiful.    generous.    mercefull.    belle.

Madeline LaMotte, daughter of Nicholas Fabray. Madeline, a southern creole was married to southern plantation owner Justin LaMotte through an arranged marriage by her father. On her visit to the plantation, he carriage is overturned, and she mets Orry Main who helps them. They promise to write each other, seeing that sparks were beginning to fly. Both write and wait, but no one write back. Madelines father, on his death bed confesses that it was he who took the letters Orry sent and the ones she wrote. Madelines marriage is an ugly one, full of mistrust, pain, and abuse. When she can, she visits the old church ruins where Orry is there waiting for her. He tells her to leave Justin, but she can't, saying that he would find her and kill her. After coming back one time from the ruins, Justin is infurated because she said she was going to Charleston, but she was not there. He locks her up in a room for weeks, finally, a doctor comes, and gives her a tonic to calm her down because Justin blamed her actions on her. One day, she over hears Forbes and Justin LaMotte plotting to kill Billy Hazard, and rushes to Mont Royal to warn them. There she stays, gets abducted, is returned, and marries Orry.



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