SLAYER 17 - "Witching Metal" Released in December 2001, 68 pages in the familiar SLAYER vein, featuring interviews with Jon NĂždtveidt of DISSECTION (The first interview after his arrest!), EXODUS, CANDLEMASS, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, OCCULT, RAZOR, THE CROWN, MERCILESS, BLACK WIDOW (Yeah, the ancient UK prog band!), MANINNYA BLADE, DEW SCENTED, DESTROYER 666, OMEN, FRANK GOSDZIK (or BLACKFIRE as we like to call him), a DESTRUCTION/ SODOM/ KREATOR tour report including interviews, HIRAX, WITCHBURNER, IRON ANGEL, 1349, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, REV. KRISS HADES, USURPER, REPULSION, +++++ Also the familiar sections like OLD THRASH BASTARD - this time with Shanon of DERKETA, and several other interviews and articles.
SLAYER 16 - "Deathlike Silence" Released in December 2001, 68 pages of fukking Metal worship! Featuring interviews with: DESTRUCTION, DESASTER, DRACENA, ABSU, DEKAPITATOR, HOLY MOSES, HEMLOCK, EXUMER/SUN DESCENDS, IMPIETY, PENTAGRAM (Chile), King Fowley, NECRODEATH, NIFELHEIM, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, PENTACLE, MLO, etc. etc. also reviews etc.
SLAYER 15 - "Nekro Kult" later 2000! So far I can tell it will be again 88 pages featuring interviews with THE HAUNTED, DREAMS OF DAMNATION, MORBID ANGEL, CARPATHIAN FOREST, ARTCH, APOCALYPTIC RAIDS, SARCOFAGO, SACRIFICE, SLAUGHTER, USURPER, NECROPHAGIA and a lot of other things.
SLAYER 14 - "Total Destruktion". This goes well in hand with SLAYER 11 and 13. Released summer 2000 which means SLAYER is more or less on regular schedule, believe it or not! 104 pages with SADISTIK EXEKUTION classic picture on cover. Interviews with DESTRUCTION, POSSESSED, SLAUGHTER LORD, NASTY SAVAGE, ZEMIAL, HELLION,OZ, NIFELHEIM, NECRODEATH, DEATH SS, PAGAN RITES, THE CROWN,NUNSLAUGHTER, MAYHEM, NOTRE DAME, Costa of TALES OF THE MACABRE MAGAZINE, Rok of SADISTIK EXEKUTION, HATE ETERNAL, Zamothtalks about his new band ZYKLON and a lot of other surprises!
SLAYER 13 - "The Final Kommand", 108 pages, DESTRUCTION on the cover. Interviews with BÅRD FAUST, NIFELHEIM, SOUL REAPER, DRACENA, NECRODEATH, FUNERALMIST, DESTRUCTION, DARK ANGEL, classic MAYHEM,WITCHERY, CHILDREN OFBODOM, CELTIC FROST, OBSCURITY, TRIUMPHATOR and tons more.This was released in very early January 2000 (but it was ready in late 1999),an issue I amvery content with. Follows the tradition of SLAYER 11 in the way it looks, but this feelsbetter in a way. I?m very pleased with this and it is among my best work. An issue said to bethe last one but was obviously pretty wrong. Mostly because I have been in control of everything myself! HAHA!
SLAYER 12 - ???????????? "De Mysteriis Dom Arne Babb" Still under construction!
You have to get in touch with Arne concerning this one. 12 A5 pages pamphlet T.B.A.
SLAYER 11 - "Metallik Devastation", 108 pages! NIFELHEIM on the cover! Between
SLAYER 10 and 11 it was again a big break, 3 years or so?. When I released SLAYER 10 I decided also to go Australia and get some distance to everything. And I spend the first half of 1996 there. When I was home (summer 1996) there was a lot of business to take care of.Like my work with HEAD NOT FOUND and other priorities so it was not until the summer of 1997 I started to work on this issue, which was finally released in May1998. Featuring SNOWY SHAW, NIFELHEIM, MARDUK, SODOM, BESTIAL WARLUST, SWORDMASTER, a very in depth story on the early days of SADISTIK EXEKUTION. Got a great deal of help from Roy of IMHOTEP MAGAZINE on this issue as I did not have a computer, or proper typewriter. Also a lot of this issue was created at the VOICES OFWONDER office where I would spend a couple of daysand nights constantly writing without any sleep. Featuring for the first time the infamous MORTIIS ARNE!
SLAYER 10 - "Past Present Forever", 88 pages released in two different designs, one red and one with. A very big break between SLAYER 9 and 10. No use to describe what wasgoing on in Norway at this time and what influence that had on my everyday life. But because of all this SLAYER 10 become a very Black Metal issue. Nebel of AGHAST (now HAGALAZ RUNEDANCE) on the cover, sold tons of copies of this one, especially in Australia. With this magazine I also got some local fame as I was on the cover of the local newspaper SARPSBORG ARBEIDERBLAD and the idiotic journalist of course made this intoa evil feature. Not very nice to live in Sarpsborg those days. Oh well, as said a veryBlackMetal issue with ULVER, EMPEROR, AGHAST, SATYRICON, THORNS,ABRUPTUM,BÅRD FAUST, THOU SHALT SUFFER, DISSECTION, BATHORY etc.This issue hase areally big amount of writing errors (much more than normal actually) because the guy whohelped me with the computer writing suffered from dyslexia. Well, I found that out a bit late?.
SLAYER 9 - Released in the late months of 1992 this issue had Dead on the cover which had committed suicide the year before that. This issue had a weird mix of bands like CATHEDRAL, FURBOWL, IMPALED NAZARENE, PRIME EVIL and TORMENTOR.This issue also had an interview with Roger Karmanek of BRIGHTER DEATH now and I believe SLAYER was one of the first Metal magazines to feature this man at a very early stage with COLD MEAT INDUSTRY. And to make things even more creepy, it was Mortiis who told me about this cheap printing place where he had printed his magazine Z.A.S.T. so a huge amount of this magazine was sold at the DEICIDE concert in Osloin 1992 with the great help of Bård Faust.
SLAYER 8 - Released in the early months of 1991. One of the issues I never paid the printer for. (Our old printer that is) (He still gives me dirty looks when I met him on the streets of Sarpsborg) For one reason or another this issue ended up with a crucified Jesus Christ on the cover. Oh well-Interviews with IMMOLATION, CARBONIZED, MAYHEM (which I also re-printed in SLAYER 13).
SLAYER 7 - If memory serves me well this was also released in 1989 but I really am not too sure, maybe it was a bit later. I blame it on the rock & roll lifestyle lived through those days.It says "DEATH MENTAL 'ZINE" on the cover and why not? 56 pages. Featuringfor thefirst time the classic SLAYER logo done by Rok, which is currently in use. By theway, theoriginal logo artwork is long gone. What is used Nowadays is a replica of a replica. Interviews with bands as SINDROME, NIHILIST, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, ATHEIST, FILTHY CHRISTIANS, CARCASS. MORBID
ANGEL and more.
SLAYER 6 - Released June 1988. Yeah, the breaks between each issue was getting bigger and bigger. Mostly because I never been the person who understands what a daytime job is so my financial situation have always been strange. This has the infamous EVIL DEAD cover and featured what to become the SLAYER trademark layout. Also Arne Babb appearsfor the first time. A bit thinner this issue was on 48 pages.
SLAYER 5 - "The Return..." released June 1987. The bigger break through issue, 68 pages, printed in full size, 1000 copies. A big fucker on 68 pages with obscure underground artists SATAN'S HOLOCAUST on the cover. A lot of classic underground material featured like SLAUGHTER LORD, OBSCURITY, MUTILATED, MORBID ANGEL, NAPALM DEATH, POISON and tons more. The first issue completely written in English.
SLAYER 3/4 - "A Thrash Metal Attack" was a small break through for me. On this one I raised the print run to 500 copies. When this was released in February 1986 I had started doing interviews and had established a lot of contacts in the underground because I had advertised it in METAL FORCES. This issue was partly in English/Norwegian and had bands like KREATOR, RAZOR, BATHORY, NASTY SAVAGE, POSSESSED, HALLOWS EVE,ARTCH , SLAYER and many others. Also one of the first fanzine features ever of MAYHEM. Since this issue was so big as compared to the two first issues I decided to make it a doubleissue. It also had a great
poster of Quorthon of BATHORY (same as cover). I brought some copies of this to sell at the MOTLEY CRUE (!) concert in Norway. The local police confiscated a huge number of this issue as the MOTLEY CRUE manager had bought the rights to sell merchandise outside the music hall. Yeah, right - the problem young fanzine editors faces. I believe it was there I also met Maniac for the first time, even if I don't remember that well.
SLAYER 2 - Pretty much like SLAYER 1; it only had a few pages more. Released in May 1985 it had stuff on BATHORY, SIREN, SAVATAGE, SLAYER, it also had a SLAYER poster (A3) and a very stupid remake of the first BATHORY album on the cover. YUCK!
SLAYER 1 - Released in February 1985. This was a small A5 size thing printed in 200 copies or so with only 20 something pages. There were no interviews featured but rticles about bands like RUNNING WILD, MERCYFUL FATE, LOUDNESS, GRAVE DIGGER, SLAYER ,CELTIC FROST and others, all written in Norwegian on 24 pages in a very primitive way.This was the beginning and one way or another I'm still proud
of this.