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--------> Mission Statement <--------

2003 Updated statement - I'm back because you want me back...I'm gunna try my best to keep the good shiiiiettt posted...otherwise it'll be stupid drama that I want to make funny!!! If you get involved...beware of being called out properly!!! That's how it works!! No holds bard...bring it my way!!! Oh and by the way...when I write these so random thoughts...it's almost 100% in a non-conscious fucked up state...so level with me...and don't break out a tissue to cry...so ain't worth it...take it like the bastards everyone is!!

When you read these entries...not all are considered to be funny while I try my hardest to get deep and thoughtful in a random crazy way. My entries are like a Royal Rumble...no holds bard...no rules...and if a drunk fan gets involved...they get a testicle ripped off!! Yet one rule persists...you must have an open mind along with a open can of beer..I prefer Bud Light...as I challenge society and people and find the loop holes in which people make mistakes and therefore must be exposed and pooped out into a big toilet which I call the public spotlight which I also call my friends. People say I'm outlandish, very very random and crazy...hey I have feelings too, but I write what comes to mind...so beware I can get awfully distraught and nasty. Please enjoy and I'll see you all in HELL!!!



Now for your daily dose of "You are a douchebag if...." A foreign woman asks you for directions to a place that you have never heard of and you pretend that you know exactly where it is, and then give them really long and complicated directions so that they think they made the mistake when they end up at a Ku Klux Klan rally!

I once again apologize for being the lazy bastard that I am in not posting what I've come to call "daily webjournals." I'm not perfect so backdafucup!!! Basketball seems to get in the way with travel and what not...but I say no excuses!!!

Would like to start this one off with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my POPS....Thomas Scott Villepigue...Love yah Dad!!!

So exciting things that have happened in my life...I seem to be slipping into some sort of weak depression because of the personal hell I'm faced with in Spokane, but aren't we all. The glory of my past week was winning this sweet digital camera, and I'm proud of it...most of you noticed my big ugly mug in the COG posing as if I won the lottery, not to shabby ehhh...so once the season is over for us...I plan to start a picture section of weekends and crazy shit that goes on...so I can document and capture my life.

Now for the deep philosophical crazy mind trippin thoughts...

Comparing to the opposite sex...I think we should be proud of ourselves that we can pee standing up. As I just took a bathroom break, I was just contemplating how good we have it with our genitilia compared to women. Yet then again, as the years pass people get lazier and lazier to the point of sitting down to go wee-wee, because men are basically lazy homo-sapiens. I wish that there were urinals in homes, instead of toilets, and come to think of it...have you eve been in a house where they have the toilet and next to it is the, what I like to call doucher?? You know the device that looks like a toilet until you hit a button and water squirts up...I guess to clean your bum??? Never used it...but it's gotta be there for sanitizing reasons.

You know what I was thinking...the economy already being in a recession as of late needs to be put to shit even more. I think it is our goal as the future of the world, most notably as "Generation X" to take-over the government...push over cocaine-addicted dimwits like George Dubbya and run this bitch ourselves. Yet back to the economy...I was thinking of imparticulars that could possibly make this world a better place. Lets take the clothing industry, which makes billions every year. I'm turning the tables on this idea and focusing on clothes right quick...why do we buy so many clothes??? I saw we just wear the same damn thing all the time...I mean the Skipper and all his shipped-wrecked mates on Gilligan's Island wore everything, and for one I think that Gilligan's red shirt and sweet little kango hat were the style. Wait a minute...that would be a good idea...because variety is something to look for, especially with women...sometimes...yeah this idea is stupid...sorry..onto the next thing.

I've known this for a while...but we as humans gripe about every little fuckin thing...it's quite unbelievable once you think about it...how much we complain and bitch. I know I do...and you gotta think that you whine too, but it's natural to do so. I always say I'm one not to bitch because I'm different in a unique fuck the world sorta way...but everyone has their imperfections. I figure that every conversation between a male and female will contain some sort of complaint, whether on life, school, or everyday crap. The reason for me saying this...I don't know...we just all complain too much but got to realize that we have it better then others. Girls complain about their weight, or their hair, or blah blah blippity blah blah...guys complain about school, how girls are too conservative, why girls think it's funny to play games. Yet if you realize the actuality of how other people have it, like in third-world countries where little children have no food, or the fact that in India you gotta where a red dot on your forehead, or maybe that you live on the West Bank and can't go outside because you could get randomly shot. Now that my friend's is something to complain about, so stop bitching, whining, moaning about stupid shit...maybe some things are noteworthy of complaining about...like why Spokane Derrilicks my balls, but the little imperfections...eccckkkkkk!!!


Deezy's intellectual random mumble of love for the day, "Don't knock Masturbation, it's sex with someone you love!"

Now for your daily dose of "You are a douchebag if...." when your condom breaks during a hot night of sex you say...sucks to be you!

The other weekend I was shopping and totally was not asked if I wanted paper or plastic, in fact those sons of bitches never give me the option anymore. They think they help you out by combining the plastic outside the paper...because it has god damn handles...but in fact you are just wasting more material anyways. I want to feel special when purchasing products in choosing whether I want the brown oversized paper bag that rips with most items, or the plastic bag which will eventually rip when over-packaged by the jerk cramming everything into one bag trying to do his company a favor by saving material. Yet let's break it down now enviormentally...summa donna...simma down now...ok ok...which is a better choice if those queers happen to ask anymore and not surprise us. Paper comes from trees, but can be recycled and most likely is made from other recycled products, but then again how often do you find yourself throwing the brown bag back into and closing the loop, yah know reduce, recycle, reuse. On the other hand we got plastic, which is more recycled actually then paper, but according to those tree-hugggers out there, plastic is a man-made substance and is evil, but we all love evil things. Now if you happen to keep the brown bag...you can use it maybe as an extra trash can...or become creative and put the bag inside the trash can...ahhhh!!! Yet eventually it is and will be thrown out with the trash, we are just slowing the inevitable. If you get creative enough you can cut holes in the brown paper bag and pretend your a mysterious beast, or consider it a gift to someone else for putting it on your head because you might be fugly and they don't want to look at you anyways. So after this little debate I would say that the paper bag wins with more usages after carrying your groceries home...case closed!!!

While it's on my mind...I would like to say that sportscasters are getting out of hand. Everyone and their mom thinks that because they played professionally and retired that they can just magically become a sportscaster and we'll love them because of it...WRONG. Yet that's not what bugs me...it's frodo himself Bill Walton that stirs my soup. This guy is the worst announcer ever...I mean honestly why even state the obvious...do you think your a god damn philosopher of the game, no your just another retired NBA player that thinks his career was obsolete compared to others that were way better. Too Bill Walton...you ain't shit...not like I can say anything to you but everyone...yes everyone thinks you shouldn't talk every single god damn second of the game. Silence white fro!!! Then we got John Madden...gobble neck...oh boy...don't even want to get into this one...

On the random note...once again my anger was not supressed until a sweet lovely lady helped me channel it...thanks a lot ~LRK~ truely are one in a billion...

Congrats to Charlie Bell who was picked up by a team an Italy and is ballin it up, kinda wierd that they are half-a-day ahead of us and while I'm bout to pass out...they are starting practice...ewwwwwww practice...I hate that word!!!

Termeh...Zoolander fo shizzel...good too have yah back sweetie...been a long time...

Word of Advice...don't randomly punch walls, because it hurts and your hand gets all fuzzy and purple and you wince, but pain is fun!!!


Deezy's intellectual random mumble of love for the day, "Love's a motherfucker" -Random Chef in the movie Old School

Now for your daily dose of "You are a douchebag if...." A homeless man asks for a quarter to make a phone call and you give him nothing and say "No way! If I keep giving away all my money, Iím gonna end up just like you."

My best friends away message says it all: the world is indeed a fake place. The more and more I see the world...I see how fake it is, "me, you and the rest" -LocoLuke. Everything is made up, all these words I'm using, to the god damn clothes we wear. It perplexes my mind how complex everything is, but still remains fake. Yet all the time other people create and make ambiguously fake worlds, which is mostly transpired on your own television and internet. Look at the internet, people could seriously live there, but it's not an actual place. The internet is a fake utopia in which people find a place of relief from the real world, but yet the internet is so much more fanatical and phony then what we call typical reality. I've witnessed building fake friends whom you have no idea who they are yet you still feel like they're your brother or sister. It's all a faded reality that we make up as we go. Appearences are deceptive, and do we really now whether we're all stuck in dream land or living a life which we create day by day. I'm losing my depth of thinking as I think I'm getting out of control but I want to reimpose my thoughts some other day and continue talking about fakeness that exists all around us.

I'm now going to impose an alternative world in which if I were to rule and be the ultimate God, the ways things would be, so in the upcoming days...my alternative world will magically come alive figuratively. The world as of now is turning into a society in which we are pissing our pants because the Al Queda can fuck us at anytime. We must rebel and diminish this so-called Democratic society which we are apart of and free ourselves before our prick of a leader, George Dubya Bush gets us nuked to hell. You don't realize what is about to happen to the United States...within the next few years. We are going to witness World War III, but as they say we are ready, trust me...you can't be ready for suicide troopers walking around in every city waiting for the perfect time to strike all at once, nuclear bombs hitting every key big city, total mayhem and devastation whereever you look. The world as we know it is already turning into shit, because some people realize the task at hand: fight them before they fight us. Sorry, I don't know where this little propaganda of mine came from...this was suppose to turn into a humerous little world I'm creating in my head for shits and giggles, but I got outta hand...butt that's me...so back to the beginning of my random world...

So...we all walk the streets, whether being beligerently tanked or sober, and you come across that friend that you've had problems with or hated at one time or another, so you either duck your head and pretend that person doesn't exist or you walk in another direction. Why do you suddenly get the feeling of avoiding that person, when in my barbaric world there is alternatives. What if everyone had an electroshock collar on, and if you saw that person you could just send a current of electricity through his/her body making you feel like a great person, but leaving them in dispair and pain. Wouldn't it be great folks??? Call me cruel for thinking of something like this, but I saw it on Jackass one time, and thought it would be great if everyone had them on, but trust me...you couldn't just zap any random Joe, now that'd be dick. The electroshock collar would have a very technologically advanced chip in it that determined whether you've associated with that person before, so it's like the Old Western Movies of quick draw and shoot. You realize that although you hate that person, they probally have the same mutal feeling...so whoever saw each other first would get to shock first. We already live in a cruel world, so why not make it crueler. Believe me so...I would love to use this shock collar on a few people right now!!! I know you would also like to do it too...maybe even to me...it's a life lesson learned most definately.


Deezy's intellectual random mumble of love for the day, "How can I love you if you won't lie down."

Now for your daily dose of "You are a douchebag if...." You go to McDonalds and don't order fries just because your friends already did, then you take handfuls upon handfuls of their fries.

I would like to apologize for not updating my journal everyday like I so promised. Sometimes you get the runs...yes diahrettic type symptoms and spend more time in the little boys room then actually thinking about writing some random propaganda. Yet the weekend was a rough one for me, yet I will try to get yah caught up. Trust me...some of the things I'm about to write about could get ugly, yet the people brought it on themselves, so please don't get crazy, just know that you shouldn't treat people, as I, like shit!!! I'm good peoples!!! Yes I referenced myself in the plural tense, don't ask, wink wink.

Let's get the deepest thing off my mind first...since its just sit there and remotely perplexed me. This is possibly one of the most fucked up things anyone has ever done to me...read on to find out about Mandy Harris...supposed beautiful, sweet, caring girl who turned out to be a phony, fake, jersey chaser who is only hurting herself ~~~~~> I'm not one to call a girl out like I'm about to, but with my friends backing me up one-hundred percent, it's time to call out a phony. To this I first say fuck the internet and it's capabilities to give people the wrong idea, yet half is my fault in believing in the crap I'm bout to tell. Long story about to become really short....so it started not more then a year ago, as a girl that goes to Georgetown University started talking with me. Talking was on and off, and eventually we talked everyday just about. Then she showed me what she looked like, and everyone that has seen her, can atest that this girl is a WOW!!! Her name is Mandy, and she told me lots about herself as I also told her much about me. At first, I thought this girl was too good to be true and even a few friends didn't think that could be her, and maybe she was pulling my chain. Welp we finally talked on the phone, and with her cute voice I put two and two together and thought maybe she wasn't lying. Best friends we became over what we like to call the internet. Pause for a second as we step back and remenisce on talk shows where people develop relationships online and then meet and fall in love. Kick me in the ass for this one, but I really wanted to meet this girl. Scary as it is, I was a little weirded out by it. Then I was too have the chance too meet Mandy when our team was about to travel back East, then I fractured my foot a day before and was unable to travel. Well this girl seemed like the biggest jersey-chaser ever, as she is found out to be and is now labeled Jersey-Chaser #1. I was always a sweet guy to her like I always am to people, and treated her with respect and never really lied. Yet this weekend she tells me that she lied to me, and this lie was of big time unforgiveful standards. With girls I almost never get mad, maybe jealous or envious, but my mind is sometimes set in the, oh well get over it state. So the truth comes out that this girl isn't who she appeared, and the pictures of this supposed blonde bombshell who I thought was her, wasn't her, and she lied the whole time. Hold on a second here, for the few of you who read this, you might think I'm an idiot, ok ok call me that, but you gotta give me the credit of calling her out to be the most fucked up person to do this. At this point, it didn't even matter what she really looked like, for someone to do this to someone else who was always by her side, called her when she needed a laugh or what not, it's just messed up. How can you be a phony for this long of period, what cold-hearted souless person would do this? Although she says she wants to be a better person, and this was the reason for telling me her big fucked up phony lie, I just had to do this, because I wasn't the only one, but then again I'm an idiot for falling for it. When she reads this, she'll realize the mistake she made and possibly good friend she lost, because I'm always a forgivefull person, but to develop a friendship and keep this secret, ouch girl get a life, you are totally fucked up in the head. Once again I don't proof rread my own material, because whatever comes out comes out, so if it seems a little confusing with missing parts, it should because its too crazy to understand. Sorry Mandy Ashlee Harris, you put this on yourself and this is honestly one of the worst things anything has ever done to me, but the thing is...I'm over it and don't really care, I just am worried about you as a person, because people like you rid the world of people who care for each other and offer a helping hand. Being a phony, fake, or whatever isn't you is wrong...morally, mentally, physically and socially.

Ok Ok...well that was pretty much rude of me, but only few would understand, and please for the people that see me as they see me, calling her out was proper, because I'm defending supposedly more then a handful of guys that she did this too, and I think some still don't know. My apologies for calling out a lady, everyone that truely knows me, knows I'm more pure then that, sorry Mom!!! Your son isn't that evil, I am, but not that way!!!

Too get yah caught up on this weekend's events, heres another edition of Dustin's random things that occured this past weekend:

My room became a gentlemens club, I guess everyone just decided to smoke cigars, big or small.

Added on to that last note, my room is now a humidorm as it smells like a cigar factory, tahnx everyone!!

Valentines Day was a rainy day in Spokane, but I'm glad I made a special sweet ladies day with a rose!!! She deserved it!!!

Madison is the cutest puppy ever, and as I took care of it for a couple hours, it was taken from me, and I've decided to kidnap it!! Muhaha!!

IF you don't like disgusting things don't continue reading this random thing...I became sick over the weekend and welp...I threw up for like the first time ever, this happened eight times during the night, and after that I continued to have it come out the other end till this day, life SUCKS!!! Diarrhea is the shits!!!

Keg up in the Penthouse...success!!!

Roscoe ended up sleeping on my floor this weekend, and was nice enough...or maybe just sloshed enough to put newspaper down that the puppy already tinkled on, on the floor, under where he was sleeping.

My mind is ill from all of this...I can't think no more....untill tommorow...

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