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Kyle Cook

Lead Guitar

David Kyle Cook was born on August 29, 1975. He is origionally from Frankfort Indiana. He attended the Atlanta Institute Of Music, where he said he learned nothing. It was from there that he was recruited by Rob, Paul and Brian into matchbox20.

A few FUN facts about Kyle!

Shoe size - 11.5
Fave cigs - Camel Hard Pack
Fave YOSLY song - Girl Like That
Played violin for 5 years
In his senior pic he is holding an acoustic guitar
He has been known to share clothes with Adam

Pics of Kyle

My fave Kyle quotes

"Critics don't like us because there's nothing for them to write about. No one in the band is dying of a heroin addiction. We're just out there playing."
"Don't just hear it, feel it."
"Music and lyrics and songs can be a story, they can be a fantasy. They can come from a place that doesn't exist."