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Rob Thomas

Lead Vocals
Acoustic Guitar

Robert Kelly Thomas was born on a military base in Germany on February 14, 1972. He spent most of his childhood shuffling between his mom in Florida and his grandma in South Carolina. At age 17 he left his difficult home life and drifted around the Southeast, hitchhiking and staying with friends when he could.
He was able to vent all the pressures of his life through his music...writing...singing...fronting many local rock bands. One of those being Tabitha's Secret of which Paul Doucette and Brian Yale were also members.
After Tabitha's Secret, Rob, Paul, and Brian recruited Adam and Kyle and formed what is now known as Matchbox Twenty.

A few FUN facts about Rob

He is 5'9"
Hair color - Brown
Eye color - Blue
Shoe size - 9.5
Fave colors - Blue and Black
Fave drink - Jack and Coke
Fave ice cream - Cookies and Cream
Fave chips - Sour cream and onion Pringles
Fave cigs - Camel Special Lights
Fave song on YOSLY - Kody
Fave song to perform live - Back2Good

His first concert was Genisis - The Invisible Touch Tour
Rob had the second highest tally of the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards for "Smooth". The 1999 chart topper that he did with Carlos Santana.
He was awarded the following:
"Song of the Year" honors
"Record of the Year" thropy
"Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals" award
Rob was awarded "Songwriter of the Year" in the 2000 Billboard Music Awards.

one of my fav pics

Pics of Rob

My Fave Things About Rob

My Fave Rob Quotes

"I would like to thank my mom for giving birth to me, so I can wear tight pants."

"I want to play for the world. I want to stand in front of them naked with my guitar and play them a little show tune."

"We don't take ourselves too seriously, with anything. And it's not because we're total f*ck-ups. We just realize we're lucky enough to be able to make this record and get our emotions out every night in front of all these people, beating it out, screaming and going crazy. We have really good lives and we're having a great time."

"I wouldn't be any more surprised if wings grew from my a** and I flew around the room"

"Yeah, you know, some days you just gotta sit back, listen to some music, drink some beer, have some sex..."

"I'm not one of those people who suffers for his art - it's more like I'd be suffering without it. Writing songs is almost medicinal for me; it's the best therapy I can think of."

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