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Maury Amateur Radio Club

MidSouth 2M SSB

Homebrew Antennas
Attic Coaxial Trap Dipole for 80-10M
Quickie Vertical Antenna by KQ6RH
KB1DIG's 2M Mobile CW/SSB Antenna
Tape Measure Yagi
Tips from the great W4RNL
W6RCA's No-Tuner-All-HF-Band Horizontal
6 M Beam & 6M Halo Projects
W4KSY's 40M Loop
GW0TQM's Magnetic Loop Page
G0VQH's Loop Antenna
PA3CQR's Magnetic Loop Antenna Page
The Copper Cactus
Bicycle J-Pole

Antenna Links
Antenna Warehouse
Barker & Williamson
Comtek Systems
Max-Gain Systems
M2 Antennas
Cushcraft Systems
Lakeview Co.

Manual Man
W7FG Vintage Manuals
Manual Mall
Radio Manuals

Misc. Links
Adjusting For That Perfect Audio
Turn your E-mail into CW Audio
Some Thoughts on RFI Problems
Thinking of Building Your Own Repeater?
Satellite Tracking
2M KW Plans
Universal LF/MF Pre-amp
Masthead Pre-amp
Multi-use Audio Pre-amp
High-Gain LF Pre-amp
GaAs FET Pre-amp for 2M,220,440
Simple Polarization Switching

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