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Girl Power

Welcome to Alexis and Ashley's Page

Chillin on our new investment!

Hi! First, let us introduce ourselves we are Alexis and Ashley! We are both 10 years old and this year (2001) we are turning 11. We live in New Jersey and in the picture above we are thinking about driving to Los Vegas. We thought we might play the slot machines for a little while before we hit the Roullete Wheel.The car we are chillin on is our new investment. Well anyways, after our casino hopping we were thinking about driving to Catalina Island off the coast of New Port Beach California to pick up some hot guys go to dinner and a movie. Then have a party but we will have to go to Chicago, Illionos to get some wine at a Fancy Resturaunt. Then I guess we can't ditch our friends in california to do some casino hopping again but then again it might be more fun....


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