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KHOW - Kakarot's House of Wonder


Waaaasssssuuuupppp! And, welcome to Kakarot's House of Wonder! I am the Webmaster, Kakaroto! Here, I will try to do my best to make you, the reader, laugh your brains out. This is a Kakaroto/Goku site because most of the sites I see are like "Vegeta's DragonBall Graveyard/House/Chair/Whatever. I know most of you own a Vegeta site!! Warning: My friends tell me I sometimes have a bad sense of humor! You have been warned... There is a dying breed of Dragonball sites on the net.This strange being is the elusive humor site. This is a DBZ Humor site, so I will probably not have anything on any other anime. If you would like to send in your work, for any of the sections, (Pah-leaze!) by all means do! So, sit back, relax, and prepare for some DBZ Humor! Whooooooo Yeah Totally! (My infamous signature)

The Stuff
4/2 - 6:00 PM EST Kak

We are still alive people!

Yo.....its been a while, just to let u all know, all 3 members of the KHOW staff are doing some behind the scenes work (DIE POPUPS DIE) We are all not dead, except for Gotenks, and everything should be ready soon, Peace

3/28 - 4:35 PM CST Anaid


Ok, Let me get it straight. Kak makes a new section, and in the process, totally obliterates mine! He deleted the damn Freaky Fan Art section! >_< Damnit now I have to go back and redo the WHOLE damn thing on the navigation bar! *sigh* I'll fix that soon... till then, click here...

3/28 - 4:00 PM EST Kak

Stop being queer man

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH MUWAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA I HAVE FINALLY DONE IT! I am updating! No you are not blind,......whoo that was a fun break for me, not updatin and all but i am back! Im sure all of you want hear me gab on bout crap but im not going to. A new section has suddenly popped up in the humor section, see if you can find it *hint: it starts wit misused* Muwahahaha! G2g later Muwahahahaha!

3/25 - 3:55 PM CST Anaid

The medicine is going to Kak's head.

Yes it's true. Kak posted the same "Interesting conversation" twice. Why you ask> Because... uhh... the medicine is going to his head :P. Anyways, I'm gonna finish coloring my new Manga. Followed by hours of homework, and then an update. Buh bye!

*note* Me and Kak have a HUGE suprise for y'all! It should be coming in the next few weeks. Staye tuned!

3/20 - 6:42 PM CST Anaid

Gotenks should be renamed to "Goatenks!"

Alrighty! As promised, Two new fanarts are up in the Freaky fanart section! Not only that, But here is the Wallpaper! Now follow me as my demons friends all do! That is all.

3/20 - 6:55 PM EST Kak
Hooken on Crusades Really Helped Me!

Well, bad news folks. I havea broken arm. No, it does not mean i am leaving,itjust means that im gonna update a little less. Hats off to Anaid Hes doing a great job. On with the update! A new Real life convo is up. Its a good one, and the Well, that was stupid section has been updated. Guess what? THIS ONE IS FROM A FAN WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Hehe, today is a great day. O yea, one more thing. YO STEF! MEGAN IS HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I WANT TO SHOVE MY TONGUE DOWN HER ASAPHAGUS. I WANT TO TAKE MY TOUNGE AND LICK HER MUWAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHA. Whoo, i just had to get that out lol.

3/20 - 3:35 PM CST Anaid

Man Kak! You need to update more! It's not like you have a broken arm!

Alrighty. I just need to scan my prized fanarts, and color a new one. That's if it's OK with Kak. There should be a new Gohan one (by me ^_^) and two new pages to the Voodoo comic. Until then, you'll just have to wait your horses. Oh yea! I almost forgot! I have a background desktop image for y'all. That'll come with the update that comes later. Until then!

3/18 - 6:57 PM CST Anaid

Pie + Looney Tunes + Me =

Woah! What do you think of that? I know I'm happy now. Anyways, more fanart should be coming in the next few days. Until then, you can look at this. Well, since I have nothing else to do, I'll let y'all go.

3/17 - 3:25 PM EST Kak


Now that you all know my favorite pastime, (its in the title), I would just like to say WE HAVE OVER 5000 HITS OMG OMG OMG OMG! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOLY FREAK SPANK. THE GODS OF FREAK SPANKIENESS HAVE BLESSED ME WITH 5,000 HITS MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! First off, I would like to formally say "WWWWAAAAAAASSSSSSUUUUUUPPPPPP" to Anaid, you are doing a great job! Secondly, I would just like to say that my "Shaun Fatamcdickis" update was b/c That he has left SCCC! Muwahahahahahahaha! And better yet, he has been utterly humiliated by majingohan.com, You can check it out here! And, I also think Anaid is addicted to several things including: He is addictied to pies and Looney Toons! Muwahahahahahaha! Now for my "Update", To pass the time a while back, I started making up one of those "choose your own adventure thing". I didnt think anything about it since now! Well, the 2 choose your own adcenture things are up in the, DragonBall Dreams section. Check it out. Whoooo! That was a lot of typing....my hands are all tired now. Later!

3/17 - 1:55 PM CST Anaid

You Go To Schweaty Baws High School?!?!

Well, I don't know where the hell Kak is... He should be here later to make his special update. He said something about "Feta Cheese." I got some FTP thingy, so I have to test it out :P. I don't know... neither Kak or Gotenks have updated in... ::counts fingers:: a bunch of days! Help meh out here guys! My fingers are all greasy!

3/16 - 10:03 PM CST Anaid

Talk to the hand cause the face is too stupid to listen!

Heh heh, don't you just love those images? Ahh I love em ^_^. Anyways, Kak is planning a BIG 5000 hit special gay update! I also recieved a fanmail! I feel good! Keep em coming!

3/15 - 4:48 PM CST Anaid

Mmm... pies...

I just had to share these... thanks to The Censored Cartoons Page.

*Note from Kak* - WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Shaun Fata McDickis is gone forever! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

P.S. We in no way support the Nazi organization!

3/15 - 10:09 AM CST Anaid

Love Mah Chicken Greasy

*snicker* I added a true story. Yes, I know it's Gotenks section... but hey! He doesn't update anyways! Whoops, did I just write that? Uh oh, Now I must flee to Mexico... OK no...

3/14 - 7:12 PM CST Anaid

Long Live DBZ 5150

I fixed the Freaky Fan Art section with my new added table. Man that took a crap load of time to make. I think I'm gonna add a forum to this place. Don't tell Kak though! I want it to be a secret. Now, go look at the gay Freaky Fan Art section! LONG LIVE DBZ 5150!

3/13 - 10:03 PM CST Anaid

No me grites! Vieja bomba!

Ok, I added the new section entitled "Freaky Fan Art." As of right now, it's not done. We still need WAY more to finish that section off. But, there are 14 good ones already there. I'll be adding a table to it in the following days. I already made one, I just need to resize the other pics. Check the table out here. And while you're at it, tell me what you think.

3/12 - 5:37 PM CST Anaid

Hey! New Worker!

Hey everyone! I am the new worker here at KHOW!I used to work on a site called DBZ 5150. My specialty is fanart comedy. But of course, I can do other things too. Let me show y'all an example of my work.*not DBZ, But something funny of course ^_^* I just wanted to tell y'all a little about myself, and I hope you enjoy my stay.

3/10 - 6:10 PM EST Kak

Frogs are Sexy

Heh, well I hope that title got your attenion. WHOOOOOOOOOOOO The "New section" that I have been talking about for weeks is finally up. After 10 minutes of hard work, you can check it out Here In other news, I have no other news. Because I cannot think of anything funny to say, Im not going to say anything at all. Stop freak spanking!

Old News
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