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Here are some pictures from our ride on 02/25/01 at Rocky Ridge Decatur, TX. The park was half under water but there was still some great riding there. We had 2 cameras there, one a digital and Erics was a regular film camera so I have to wait till we get those developed and scanned then they will be up.

Also, since Eric cant take pictures worth a crap with my camera the shots of me didnt turn out the way I expected, hehe.

PDC_0010.jpg (456058 bytes) Small jump I was getting use to. PDC_0011.jpg (438555 bytes) Now you see why he cant take pics!

PDC_0012.jpg (473587 bytes) PDC_0013.jpg (280666 bytes) Me on the other hand can take good pics! He was getting some good air on that beast.

PDC_0014.jpg (309280 bytes) Scoobys DS650. We saw him pull up around 10am. PDC_0015.jpg (255009 bytes) PDC_0016.jpg (265288 bytes)

PDC_0017.jpg (253677 bytes) PDC_0018.jpg (407248 bytes) PDC_0019.jpg (279238 bytes) PDC_0020.jpg (421679 bytes) Very fun hill you can scream up.

PDC_0021.jpg (427444 bytes) PDC_0027.jpg (427444 bytes) PDC_0028.jpg (277173 bytes) He took the pic early and I jumped the lip then landed in the mud puddle.

PDC_0029.jpg (291289 bytes) Very fast 440ex. Beat me tons and only 2 times we tied. PDC_0030.jpg (323903 bytes)

PDC_0031.jpg (339893 bytes) Me and ScoobyDFW racing. He beat me everytime and 1 or 2 ties and I think I got him once.

PDC_0032.jpg (352266 bytes) Lined up ready to go! PDC_0033.jpg (304447 bytes) PDC_0034.jpg (262942 bytes) Another fun hll climb, jump the lip.

PDC_0035.jpg (258131 bytes) PDC_0036.jpg (282178 bytes) PDC_0038.jpg (344702 bytes) Eric riding up while taking shot.

PDC_0040.jpg (314589 bytes) Shot from top, me at bottom. PDC_0041.jpg (341828 bytes) I loved jumping the section.

PDC_0042.jpg (334828 bytes) Heres my truck, 2001 Ford F150 X-cab. PDC_0043.jpg (456250 bytes) PDC_0044.jpg (440227 bytes) PDC_0045.jpg (467860 bytes)

Thats all for now till we get the rest scanned, he got some great shots of me jumping.