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IBEX THRONE is the epitomy of Raw Apocalyptic Black Metal! We hail from Salt Lake City, Utah in the USA. We are surrounded by Mormon/Christian scum everywhere we go, and our band thrives on making their lives a living hell!! Let the flames of the anti-christian/mormons burn on!! Our war has just begun, it's up to you if you want to join us! Hail! and Stay Black Metal and Evil forever...

Lord Dying - guitar
Mictlan - drums
Judas Drexor Arawn - guitar
Azelcraz Marconis Witchborn - vocals
Desecrator - bass

The "Transcend The Darkness / D.E.A.D." CD has finally been released. The disc features both the "Transcend The Darkness" and "D.E.A.D." demos in their original form. This is the last time these recordings will be unleashed to the public in this form. The CD can be ordered via IBEX THRONE Horde as well as Black Art Productions.

Hail to IBEX THRONE'S forever brother of metal: