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Melody Perkins

Melody Perkins, the hot actress that brought Karone to life, was born on January 28, 1971 in Wiesbaden, Germany, and raised in Sacramento, California. She graduated from High School with honors and went on to collage and majored in Quantitative Economics.

This girl has quite a resume. She’s been an actress, a ballet dancer, and a model. She danced in The Nutcracker in High School and has performed with many ballet companies over the years. Melody’s modeling career also began in High School. She took a few local modeling jobs and molded in Europe. Melody’s modeling pictures has been seen in magazines like Lands End and YM.

Melody’s acting career also began in Europe. She’ s been featured in commercials in Italy and France and made guest appearances in the shows High Tide and Silk Stalkings. In addition to playing Astronema/Karone on Power Rangers, she’s also the voice of the laser in the Lightspeed Rescue episode, ”The Fifth Crystal,” made a guest appearance in Malcolm In The Middle and had a small role at the end of the movie Coyote Ugly. and another small role in Planet of The Apes.

So what’s next for the 5’8, blonde haired, green eye beauty? Who knows? But, Melody, if you’re reading this, I think you are a talented actress and I look forward to seeing you in other movies and/or T.V. appearances. Keep up the good work.

The below pictures are from Melody's role as a baby-stitter in Malcolm in the Middle.

These are some pictures from Melody's modeling carrer.

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