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Our Thoughts and Views

Well, since everyone has an oppinion about something or the other, I figured that I'd give you, the reader, my two-cents.

Jerseys versus Camo

       Well this long disputed arguement has recently became an issue with our team, so I figured I'd give you our opinion on it. First of all lets look at camies. They are waaayy cheaper than jersey, at thirty bucks for an awesome camo jacket and at least sixty buck for a jersey, camies are like half the price. With camo you also have that ability to blend in when you play in the woods for rec play, but in brightly colored speedball arenas they are useless. Although cheap and useful for recball, camies give you that whole militia in the eyes of the public rep, where as jerseys make you look more like a professional sports team, and we really don't want to associate military with paintball. One is lethal, the other is fun, neither is alike in any aspect other than clothing. Trust me on this. While camies may attract the comando wanna be type (I once was guilty of this), jerseys will attract way more people from the general public. Now lets talk about jerseys in specific. Jerseys are the ultimate form of showing your team unity. They vary in color and paterns, but they always look way cooler than camies. They allow you to quickly distinguish between friend and foe, and they give you a professional look. Jerseys also add an intimadation factor when playing against newer teams. And on top of it all like I said, they look really cool. Well, I think I've gone over all the details, so I'll tell you what we did. Our team is using camies right now, but we have been debating getting jerseys off and on for quite some time. For the moment we are sticking with camies, our reasons are that we all already have them, and they were way cheaper. Me and Donald are really pushing for jerseys though because of the uniformity in them and because they just look cool. Since jerseys are going to cost us a quite a bit, and since a couple members of the team aren't exactly wealthy, we will be sticking with camies for a while, at least until we get a sponsor. Well there you go, that's our honest opinion.