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Paintball Scenarios

There are many different scenarios for paintball. Below are only a small fraction of those which you can play. Many of these can be mixed in as factors to make normal games a little bit more interesting. To view a scenario, click on its name in the table below, or simply scroll down to view them.

Capture the Flag. Two or more teams attempt to "liberate" each others flags.
Team Elimination. Two or more teams fight it our to be the only ones left standing.
Medic. Two or more teams fight it out,each with a medic who revives fallen players.
Traitor. Team elimination with a twist, someone is not what they appear to be...
Attack and Defense. Two teams fight it out, one on attack, one on defense.
Fox and Hounds. A few good players are hunted by the masses.
Free for All. Self explanatory.
Assimilation. A small team becomes large by shooting up the opposition.
Miscellanious. Addatives for other scenarios.
Capture the Flag

Capture the flag can last any amount of time, depending upon the number of teams and the number of players per team, but twenty minutes is the average time in my opinion. To play the game you must have the players divided up into at least two teams, the more teams the more interesting I think. Each team must have a flag of some sort and some way to distinguish themselves from the enemy, like arm bands or different clothing. Each team will then take their flag and hang it somewhere where it is clearly visable. Once all the teams have placed their flags the game begins and the objective is to have the most flags at the end. There must be some sort of time limit in place, or else you could go on and on. You can add in extras like those I have under the miscellanious section for regeneration, or you could just say that once a player is shot they are out of the game.

Team Elimination

Team elimination is a very simple game. To play this scenario the players must be divided into two or more teams, once again I think that the more teams you have the more interesting it will be. The teams should be able to distinguish themselves from the enemy, unless you want a major friendly fire incident to happen. Once the teams are set they must enter the field, and once the game begins the teams attack each other. The objective of the game is to be the last team on the field. There as always should be a time limit, and if the limit runs out and there is more than one team left the team with the most players left alive wins. There is also more stipulations for this scenario under the miscellanious section.


Medic is another basic team scenario. To play medic you need two or more teams. Each team must select one player to be a medic. You can have more than one medic per team, but one is the normal amount. The medic must carry a flag or have something to tell them apart from the other players. Medics are different from the other players because they revive the eliminated players. Once a player is shot they must yell out that they are shot and they have to wait where they were hit until a medic comes and touches them. The eliminated players are not allowed to talk to other players who are still alive, they are only allowed to yell out for a medic. The medic must be shot twice to be eliminated. The goal of the game is to eliminate the medic then to eliminate all the opposing team. As always you can modify it with extras from my miscellanious section.


Traitor is a very interesting version of team elimination. The aspect of a traitor can be added to any game, but there is more to this than simply a traitor, there is also a team captain. To determine who will be the captain and who will be the traitor you need a deck of cards. Each team must have a set of cards equal to the number of players on the team. In these cards you must have a king, a jack, and enough non-face cards for the rest of the players. The cards must be shuffled and then everyone takes one card. Who ever gets the king is the team captain and he must anounce it and wear something to distinguish him from the other players. Who ever gets the jack is the traitor, he does not tell anyone. Everyone else has normal cards, they don't announce it. Once everyone has their designation they place their card back in a pile, which no one looks at. The traitor acts like a regular team player, until later in the game when certain conditions are met, a list of conditions is under the miscellanious section. Once the condition is met the traitor, if he is still alive, yells out some phrase, it must be something you agree on it before the game. After yelling the phrase so everyone hears it, the traitor switches teams. The goal of this game is to eliminate the team captain, so you don't have to shoot everyone, and the traitor should try to gain the captains trust and stay near him.

Attack and Defence

Attack and defense is another simple, yet fun scenario. The idea of it is very simple. Two teams are on the field, one goes on first and chooses an area to defend. The other team waits for a signal and then goes and attacks the defenders. The objective is simple, to take the area, or defend it from hostiles. There should definately be a time limit and the teams should be slightly in slightly in favor of the attackers, or you could give the defenders more players but give the attackers a medic, or regeneration. As always there are more things you can do to modify it under my miscelanious section.

Fox and Hounds

Fox and hound is very unique game. You must have two teams, but one of the teams must contain only a few elite players, these are the foxes. These players are givin a brief head start. After their head start is over everyone else, they are the hounds, starts out on the field. The foxes objective is to survive a time limit while the hounds are hunting him as their objective. This particular game can be modified with information from my miscellanious section to create many new scenarios.

Free for All

A free for all is the most basic form of paintball. There can't be any teams in place, it's everyone for their self. The game should be short regardless of how many players you have. Everyone just runs out onto the field and once the signal to start is called you just shoot at everything that moves. To make it more interesting you might try to add some aspects that are under my miscellanious section.


Assimilation is one of the more advanced scenarios. It requires that all the players involved play exactly by the rules. At the begining there should be two teams. The ratio of the teams should be about two to one. The catch is that when the smaller team shoots someone on the bigger team, that person that was shot switches teams. To switch teams they must go to a certain point at which they will be given an arm band or something else to distinguish them from their previous team. Once someone on the smaller team is shot they are eliminated, unless you decide otherwise and add something in from my miscellanious section.


There are many more stipulations you can add to make scenarios more interesting. One thing is to add a rogue team. The rogue team should be small and have an unknown objective. They should constantly interfere with the main teams. You can add flag regeneration, which is when you get shot you have to return to a specific point before regenerating. Death strike is an interesting aspect. With death strike you must be shot once in the head, twice in the chest, or five times in any other combination.