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What is Paintball?

       What is paintball you may ask, well I have your answer right here. Paintball is the ultimate outdoor sport. It is an excellent game for people of all ages and physical condition. Everyone has a place as long as they try. The game is played using markers(guns) that fire gelatin capsuls filled with washable paint between 270-300 feet per second. You also need a mask to protect your face and eyes. When heeding all the rules, paintball is and extremely safe game. If you don't believe me check out the safety statistics at The Canadian Paintball Association. Paintball is a game that is based on tactics, not how fast you can run. It is a modified version of the childhood games of tag and hide and seek. Games generally last between 15-30 minutes. Most of all paintball is a fun game and a great way to releive the stress of everyday life. One common misconception however, is that paintball is often associated with the military. IT IS NOT! Paintball is nothing like war. Anyone who has played it will agree with me, especially those who are in the military. I hope that you now have an idea of what paintball is and that you will try it, because if you do I almost garauntee that you will like it. Remember though, everyone has the occasional bad game.