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April 27-28, 2002: Well, at the first game at the M.R. 2002 Series we got pretty much beaten down. We only managed to win one of eight games, but by the end we were starting to pull things together and we expect to do much better in June. Anyways, look back for pictures soon, but don't expect a write up on it, we've been to busy here. In other news, we're applying for funding and other commity grant type things to build a field out here. If anyone is interested or would like to help in any way please contact us about it. Finally we would like to thank Unlikely Heroes for sponsoring us.

April 2002: We went snowballing when Jake came up for an offield, it was a great day. Now we are registered for the entire M.R. Paintball 2002 series. As a final note, we have recieved sponsorship from and would like to thank Curry's High Quality Auto and Nightcrawlers for their generous donations and support.

February 14, 2002: I posted some good team pictures and I used one of them to make a sweet banner. Last weekend Clayton's Piranha broke down in a fashion that could have really hurt someone. I've got some new goodies. Ect. Nothing important to report right now.

January 11-13, 2002: The site has been totally reworked, everything except for pictures is up to date. I've also added an "Our thoughts and views section to the site.

Throught November and December 2002: Well, Mathew sold my old Bruizer off and got a brand new 2002 Autococker. I got myself a nitro tank and a back up marker. Dennis got his flatline barrel, and Clayton sold off that old Raptor and bought a brand new Pirana G3 something or other.

October 6, 2001: We attended our first tournament. It was the starters tournament hosted by Operation Paintball out of Lethbridge Alberta. All I'll tell you here is that we got sixth out of eleven. For having absolutely no practice in speedball games or arenas we did fairly good. For a complete write up check the team section.

Over the Summer, 2001: Unfortunately over the summer nothing good involved with paintball really happened, just bad stuff. We lost Shem, he went up to Edmonton. We also lost Mike, yes he moved to.

June, 2001: I know, I got lazy and didn't record this as I should have. Anyways this month I sold my Outlaw to Mathew and bought Mike's Minimag. Mathew sold his Model 98 to a friend of mine. Me and Dennis custom built a trigger gaurd for his Model 98 Custom because the stock trigger gaurd wouldn't work with the double trigger shoe he bought. It wasn't half bad. I'll try to post a picture sometime and if anyone wants I could whip them up one for the cost of materials, shipping, and a couple of bucks, literally a couple not some outrageous fee, for my time. They aren't the prettiest ones, but they serve the purpose. For any questions e-mail me.

June 9, 2001: Me, Mike, Mathew, Clayton, Donald, Shem, and another friend of mine went out back in the woods to play paintball. It was raining out a first, but shortly after we got out it stopped. It was a great way to spend the evening. The only other problem was that a spyder that was being lent to a friend of mine broke before the game started, but we got it fixed so that it would work, although it had to be partially manually cocked. Also we decided on the team name of Tohjamb, I'm not even going to start on why we chose it. Some of the other names suggested were Sabertoothed Gorby Rats, Disavowed, and Nevermore.

May 21, 2001: We had paintball today. Jake brought his equipment and people from both Elkford and Sparwood showed up. Dennis had just bought his custom model 98 the other day, so he got to try it out. Donald didn't show up though to try his new spyder shutter. Me, Mike, Clayton, Shem, Dennis, Mathew, and a lot of other people were there. It was a great day, maybe even a little to sunny, as there were no clouds in the sky to give us any shade. We played the usual rounds of medic, team elimination, and two rounds of capture the flag. The only different aspect was the teams, which were kids versus adults. The teams were a little lopsided, so me and Clayton's older brother were recruited to the adults team. Other than that everyone else was in there respective age group, which left me and Mike the only one's from the team who were on the adult side, everyone else was on the kids side.

Sorry, I haven't kept track of dates and information before this.