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Welcome to GAMECUBE Extreme, i am now constantly updating it with brand new things like new games and announcements so keep your eyes peeled! Also music is updated, hope you enjoy it!!

Ok I have started to update my website from the 18th July 2001. My name is Zamir, I am currently working on this web site to bring you the best possible information in the best possible way, the extreme way, which means the entertaining way.  COME BACK FOR UPDATES, as I will be updating this site every day with new layouts, colors, and features! The Game Boy Advance is currently my main aim as it will be released in March of this year in Japan. I will start the games section of the GAMECUBE as well. Hope you enjoy it. NEWER MUSIC coming soon, also a downloads page. Keep your eyes open!

This site includes details about the upcoming new Nintendo GAMECUBE console and also the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.  I hope you enjoy the music I have on each of my pages, I really do get good comments about the music. The number on the Mario banner is the number my website is in the top 100 gaming websites- I am doing very well ! Also, thank you for all your publicity, the rate of visitors  is increasing everyday.

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