Memories and Shadows

Memories and Shadows: View Point.

Be sunlight falling on an darkened path,
Be a helping hand to all who struggle
Be children's laughter
And a dreamer's inspiration.

Be truthful and honest and loyal
Be good and kind and bright,
Be a video tape of laughter
To be watched over again.

Be a memory.
Be all the good things in a person.
Be the joys
Be the hopes
Be the dreams
Be a memory.

Be a martyr
Be a dreamer
Be a mover or a shaker
Or both
Change the world
Change a life.

Be a false memory.
Be none of the bad things in a person.
Be the empty joys
Be the too high hopes
Be the desperate dreams
Be a shadow.

- - -

Memories & Shadows : Historical Truths

TO: Proffesor Artermia, Council for Historical Accuracy
FROM: Proffesor Jessimia
DATE: 4th July 2134.

Editorial Notes: Passages underlined deemed Untrue, to be removed completely.
Page 23: Obscure referece to Faith - remove mention of what should have been standard Slaying.
Page 132: Unclear who killed Mayor's assistant. If Faith is nonexistant, make clear it was Buffy.
Page 436: Why mention Daniel Ozborne going to LA? If Angelus has beend defeated, there is no reason for it. Remove completely.
Recomandations: Consider removing entire Gem of Amarra chapter. Residues of Angelus (what happened to Spike/Ring?) and Buffy/Angel relationship unacceptable.

Message Encoded and Sent.

- - -

Memories & Shadows: Spoken Truths


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to six thousand, seven hundred and forty sixth recorded annual watchers council retreat. It is a pleasure to welcome so many renowned faces here, and I'm glad so many of you have turned up to see our esteemed speaker, Professor Osborne. His talk, simply entitled, "Placing Rupert Giles Journal Within Known Historical Truths," will hopefully shed some light on many of the confusing and contridicting sources that exist from that time.

Before that however, a few notices. The midnight talk on Fighting Demons With Witchcraft has been moved back to tomorrow evening, as we have been informed it will rain tonight. Tomorrow's talk by Miss Chase on Visons will take place as schedualed, despite the many rumors circulating. Again we ask that no one leaves the boundary set out, as the protective circle that has been so kindly set up, does not extend further and, as you can imagine, a gathering like this attracts the attentions of many unsavorary demons.

So, without further fuss, may I introduce Professour Ozborne.


Thank you for that warm welcome.

It is no secret that for the past two hundred and fifty years, historians have tried to untangle the life of the Slayer called in 1995, Buffy Summers. In fact, her life is one of the most confusing and controversial records we have, and it has taken me many years to get to what I believe it the truth of the matter. Indeed, the returning of the Journal of Rupert Giles from an unknown source has only confused matters.

First my collegues and I had to authenticate the document. It is believed to have been sent to us from a private collection held in the area of LA. This in itself is interesting, as several unoffical reports indicated that the feared Angelus lived here for many years during the Slayers life. In fact, reports from the files of one of the old LA police deptartment, indicate that he worked with the LAPD in tracking criminals, normally serial killers, rapists or stalkers, who targeted young women. As we know, demons were not and are still not accepted in society, a tribute to the true stupidty of the human race in general and their determination not to see what is right in front of them {laughter}

Rupert Giles' Journal conradicts many esablished facts established by the Watcher's Council document that was written after it went missing. In addition it enforces several rumors that are in direct contradiction, therefore it was important that we establish whether this was an elaborate hoax, or a genuine article.

Buffy Summers was a Rogue Slayer, and it is becasue of her that the Watcher's Council imposed much stricter regulations to keep it's Slayers in line than had existed before. So I suppose, in some ways, we must be grateful for to her. {some laughter} Yet in Rupert Giles' journal, he writes with increasing reverance about her, and respects both her and her actions greatly.

One thing however sets aside the document as falsehood. In direct contradition to the established workings of the Slayer, he claims that two slayers existed, and indeed, fought side by side. In fact, the document blames many of the crimes which eventually forced the Watchers council to take action against Buffy Summers, on the mysterious 'Second Slayer' who he names only as 'Faith.' Convienently, she is never given a last name, which would allow us to confirm or disprove her existance.

Why then, does Rupert Giles chose to include her? If the document is really his journal, we must either accept that the Watcher's Council made a mistake or that Rupert Giles has included it as a way of avoided his charge's clear guilt. Both his recently discovered journal and the Watcher's Council document reveal that he had feelings for Buffy Summers that went beyond the usual Watcher/Slayer relationship. In fact he considered her as close as a daughter and a good friend.

Giles considers Faith to have been the one to side with the mayor, and try help bring about the acsension. He claims that Buffy and her friends fought against them, culminating in a battle against the demon form in which the entire student population of Sunnydale High took part in a battle to kill him.

However, if this were true, the fact that the entire population of teenage students in Sunnydale knew about the existance of demons would have had an effect on how the Council ran. If nothing else, the Watcher's council would certainly have had to make some effort to contain the knowledge. And yet, there was no notable recorded effect from this incident. It is more likely that, as recorded in the Watcher's Council records, Buffy in her alliance with the mayor, was stopped by the council, and the acsension stopped by the councils claiming of the box of Gavrok.

Additionally the only refernece to the Slayer's alignment with Angelus, is as a ploy developed by Buffy Summers, Mr. Giles and Angelus to trick Faith into revealing her part in the Mayor's plans. Quite clearly this is all too convientant and slightly reflective of the TV and movie contents of that period and slightly later.

Mr. Giles also writes that the feared demon Angelus worked and fell in love with the Slayer. He calls him Angel and speaks of a gypsy curse which returned his soul to him, with a single clause - should he experience a moment of true happiness, then he would loose his soul.

This of course is ridiculous. The curse itself is plausible, as Gypsies were, and still are, well know for their carefully chosen revenges. The clause however is very unlikely. Why put a clause on a curse that would send the target back to his murderous self, that killed thousands? With this in mind it is possible to dismiss the entire tale as fabrication, which would tie in nicely to the Watcher's Councils documents.

Despite the excitment of discovering such a valuable document, it is clear that we can not accept Rupert Giles word as truth. We can not even be sure this document is anything other than a fabrication by elements that seek to undermine the Watcher's Counsel. Sadly, this document must be disregarded, as the search for his true journal continues.

Thank you all.



- - -

Memories and Shadows: The Other Side of the Coin

A Transpcript of the Conversation Between Prof. Ozborne and Jessica Rosenburg, Head of Watchers Counsel, imediately following.

Transcribed by: Dawn Summers, for the Army of Light.
Distribution: All members with Beta-Clearance.

Professor Jason Ozborne: Miss Rosenburg.
Jessica Rosenburg: Professor Ozbourne. Walk with me.
{inane chatter, they proceed to a secluded place; Co-ordiantes A43-7F}
Ozborne: Was there something specific you wanted?
Rosenburg: To congradulate you on your findings. They were most. . . intriging.
Ozborne: Thank you ma'am. I trust you were pleased with the report.
Rosenburg: Most satisfactory. You will recive your retirement pay as discussed. Though I cannot convince you to stay on? Someone with your talents and . . . views is most useful to us.
Ozborne: {sighs} No. I tire of this game. {smiling} Let me be.
Rosenburg: {smiles} Of course. {moment silence} You handed all your records in to the council database.
Ozborne: Of course.
Rosenburg: And kept no copies for yourself?
Ozborne: Just my notes for the speech. {hands them over} Though these requests were most unusual. . .
Rosenburg: Shh. {stops him walking, faces him} For our ancestors. {they kiss}
Ozborne: Um, ah, Miss Rosenburg, I was not aware our ancestors knew each other.
Rosenburg: {pauses, then} Of course you weren't. {pulls a gun} I am truely sorry Jason. {she shoots and leaves}
{approximately 5 minutes, 45 seconds later, two men appear in army get-up, faces covered}
{they drag Proffesor Ozborne's body to the edge of the protective circle and throw it out}
{it is imediately decended upon by all manner of demons}


Transcription received two days following. Fw: Angelic Destinations, New York.


Document recieved. Fw: Chicago.


Document recieved. No forwarding adress. Return to sender.

- - -

Memories and Shadows: Remembered Truths

The black and white photo was all that remainded. She placed it carefully and stood back. Smiling she turned swiftly on her heel and stepped out into the main living area where she saw he was supervising the arrival of his vast library from LA - now short several volumes of one very important document. She watched him for a moment, this man who was closer than family, as he argued with on the the men about the state of one of the boxes.

He suddenly turned and grinned at her, feeling her eyes. She walked over, and hugged him tight, a reminder to herself that he was still there.

"The books arrive tomorrow right?" She asked.

"Yep. I'll be supervising their every move."

She chuckled, remembering. "I'll bet you will. Though you may want to check out Box 34 tonight." On her word he turned and grabbed the phone.

"Box 34." She said as he turned.

"Which box?"

"You're welcome."

"Thanks Delia."

He replayed their last few sentances and grinned.

"Sorry!" She called out.

"You promised you wouldn't do that!"

He grinned at her, his immortal blind seeress with her never-ending predictions of the future. And she grinned in repsonse at the vampire with a soul, on a mission.

They weren't lovers, though in some ways they were more than. She knew him and her knew her, and she was his, as the Oracles had wished it, until he completed his redemption.

- - -

Memories and Shadows: Points to View.

I wrote this becasue a) I'd just finished Margret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale and b) that got me thinking about how the future would view Buffy Summers, and whether it would absolve her. Of course, history is written by the winners, which can mean the difference between being called a Freedom Fighter and a Terrorist (or in Buffy's case, a Rogue Slayer or a Breakaway Hero) long after the actual reasons for the fighting are lost in the mists of time.

Given the glimpses of the Watcher's Council we have recived, I feel it is entirely likely that they would re-write history to suit themselves, but it was okay, becasue the important people will remember. We'll remember, that's for certian.

Of course, it is just a TV show.

I hope it all, particually the speech was fairly clear, and hopefully left you wondering a little. We can never see what the future will bring.

At least not most of us.