This is fun! I want a fanfic to put this into, but don't know what. Anything would do.

Cordelia looked around the cold, moonlit graveyard.

"This isn't working." She said to thin air.

"Act more. . baity." Came the voice from the trees nearby. Cordy looked up at Angel's barely visible form and sighed.

She whistled loudly, then sang, badly and off-key, 'causing Angel to wince. Finally she raised her voice.

"Oh dear, oh dear. It's good job that vampires and demons and Slayers arent really real, because then I'd really be like a sitting duck, out here, *alone* in a deserted graveyard. Hahaha!" The fake laugh echoed around him and Angel shook his head.

"And she wonders why she doesn't get call-backs." He muttered, watching Cordy strut around and call out into the night, taunting any and all demons to kill her and be done with it. He smoothered a snigger as her acting gradually disintergrated.

"Damnit! Look at me! Alone! Lost! Tourist! What more enticment do you non-exisitant demon guys need!" She shook her head. "No standards anymore." She muttered plonking herself on a nearby grave.

"Try screaming." Angel suggested as he shifted to get comfortable in between the branches. "Our demon's bound to check it out out of pure curiousity."

Cordy looked at him doubtfully then screamed loudly and shrilly. Angel slapped his hands over his ears. "If that don't bring something running, I'm going back to the gutter and rats blood."

A few moments later Buffy, Xander and Riley appeared. "Cordy!" Xander exclaimed. "We thought someone was in trouble."

Buffy looked around hopefully for something to stake, then glared at Cordelia when she saw nothing.

"Ever hear about the cheerleader who screamed loudly?" Buffy threatened. "I thought my patrol might end in a little slayage for a change."

"Buffy - go!" Cordelia said, waving her hands. "Go, all of you."

"What?" Xander frowned puzzledly. "Come on, we'll get you home." He tugged at her arm, but she pulled it loose.

"I'm fine. Time to give up I suppose though." She sighed. "Angel, quit lurking behind me."

Angel stepped out from the shadows. "Hey guys." He smiled and waved sheepishly, before turnign to Cordelia. "Giving up Cordy?" He half-teased. She responded by sticking her tongue out at him. "Mature, real mature."

"Shut up. It was your idea for me to scream. How come you can't be bait for a change?"

"Please." He scoffed. "Is this the face of bait?"

"It's the face of an annoying self involved vampire, soon to be murdered by his assistant!"

"Ooo." He teased. "Scary."