Another scene from a generic fic.

"Why are they always slimy?!" Buffy question reached it's climax as she sumersaulted over the creature in question. Xander had to admit it was the ugliest end-of-the-world-threat they'd facest so far, if not the most dangerous. It didn't follow the usual body arangments that even the most basic of deoms seemed to find vaguly sucessful.

How Buffy was going to find the head to behead, Xander did not know.

But that wasn't his job. His job was to protect Willow while she did her spell thingy to help Buffy. He didn't know what the spell did, or why they were using it, but that was his job. Protect Willow. no problem.

He watched out of the corner of his eye as Buffy moved around, under, *through* the demon. He staked another vamp minion, as Willow's chanting got louder. It actually freaked him slightly. Okay, alot. Not that he would ever admit it to the others, of course.