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Blondie as Janet 2/20/03

Blondie is dressed up in her Sunday's best. Blondie is rooting for Janet!

Cutie as JoAnna3/6/03

Cutie is dressed up in a summer dress. Cookie can see that JoAnna is determined to win!

Sugar as Shawna3/19/03

Sugar is dressed up in honor of the US Flag. Sugar thinks that Shawna is the sweetest person on her tribe.

Babe-E as Ryan 02/13/03

Babe-E is dressed up for baseball. Babe-E thinks Ryan is one cool guy!

Specs as Daniel2/27/03

Specs is dressed up for a day at school. Specs thinks that Daniel is the smartest guy on his tribe!

Princess as Jeanne3/13/03

Princess is dressed up as a princess. Princess thinks the world of Jeanne.

Chipper as Alex4/24/03

Chipper is dressed up in a tuxedo. Chipper thinks that Alex is one cool cat!

Precious as Christy5/1/03

Precious is dressed up in her pajamas. Precious admires Christy for her determination!

Baby 2002 as Butch

Baby 2002 is dressed up as a fireman. Baby 2002 thinks that Butch is very brave!

Angel as Deena4/10/03

Angel is dressed up as a cheerleader. Angel is cheering on Deena to win the $1 Million!

Jammer as Dave4/3/03

Jammer is dressed up to go snowboarding. Jammer thinks Dave has all the right stuff to come out on top!

Noelle as Heidi5/8/03

Noelle is dressed up as a cheerleader. Noelle waves her pom-poms for Heidi!

Shenanigan as Matthew

Shenanigan is dressed up as an Easter bunny. Shenanigan thinks that Matthew will find a way to win the $1 Million!

Cookie as Jenna

Cookie is dressed up to party. Cookie is ready to celebrate Jenna's victory!

Buzz as Rob

Buzz is dressed up to play soccer. Buzz thinks that Rob is a very funny guy!

Boomer as Roger3/26/03 Boomer is dressed up as Uncle Sam. Boomer thinks that Roger is a very hard working member of his tribe.

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