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MaMa Ethiopia

This page is for Abyssinia, the country I grew up in, the country I'm gonna die in, my Mama Ethiopia. One thing I don't want to deny is the fact that Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries now, but that is the only thing the world knows about the country and I would like to touch some parts of the history I know from my personal experience in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia the only cournty in Africa that was never colonized by the White Race. Thus, you are probably wondering how impossible it sounds but it is TRUE. Ethiopians defeated Italy about 100 years ago and again during WWII, and kept the hopes up for the whole black race that was suffering in the white man's hands. Hile Selassie, the emperor of Ethiopia during the second world war, used a strategy that beat the west at it own game. He, (nefsachew yimar), gave a speech at the United Nations that brought the whole world to the alarming fact that Italy used poisonous gases and chemical weapons, which were illegal! This proved to the world that black people were no less than white people and if they couldn't fight the physical war, they could fight and win the mental war. Yes, I am proud to be an Ethiopian and if you read some books you will realize why Ethiopians are proud people.

Ethiopia, with all the beautiful weather and firtile land (especially in the southern part), it is a pitty to see the country going downhill every decade. I know the people are hanging on, trying to survive and not kill each other to feed themselves. Remember, these are the same people that have gone through the Genocide and famine in the late 70's all because of the government in power and yet, they are still trying to survive. Unfortunately, inflation is going up and unemployment is at it's all time high, things are getting worse everyday. If only the political people and/or system of leadership was "for the country," I wonder how Ethiopia would have been. But until "The day" its GOD'S WILL for the prosperity to come, we will suffer. God Bless!, Jah Bless!, Alah Bless! I THANK GOD FOR WHAT WE HAVE.

Ethiopia Streaches her arms to the Lord!