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Welcome to MJ's American Bulldogs. We bring to you some of the finest ABs in the Jacksonville, Florida area. ABs are a unique breed of bulldogs, they are very loyal companion dogs and great protectors, and are also wonderful with kids. Pictured above is MJ's Murray, son of Joshua's Caleb and Hardy's Rosie. Murray stands 24 1/2 in. at the shoulders and weighs 75 lbs. and he is offered for stud. He as placed second and third in the two shows he entered and as also been used to bait hogs. Our dogs are ABA and NKC registered and all are at least three generation pedigree. We have pups though out the year that are reasonably priced, so feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions. We change pictures as often as we can so your always welcomed to revisit and get a look at the way our dogs are growing, thank you.

MJ's Photo Gallery

MJ's Daisy
MJ's Murray
MJ's Mesha
Murray - n - Daisy's Pups
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