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Pink Fashion Show

Pretty in Pink would now like to present you will this year's fall fashion collection. From day wear to casual wear we'll take a look at some of the year's hottest pink threads. All these fabulous clothes will be modeled by the multitalented Bob-o Williams. So, without further ado, hold on to your pants and prepare to "Think Pink."

Please allow time for pictures to upload. If for some reason one does not show up, click the right of the mouse and hit show picture.

Ahhh, up first we have this fabulous pink flame shirt with matching pink stripped kilt. The shirt is composed of two different shades of pink- one a magenta while the other is more of a burnt salmon. These two pinks mingle together to form a brilliant contrast that just draws the eye to the shirt. The kilt Bob-o is wearing is made from some of the most uncomfortable starched wool in all of Scotland. Oooo, defiantly not something to wear without undies. The hot pink strips in the kilt were hand sewn by the children working in my Mexican sweatshop. The fine detail of it all is what makes this kilt absolutely one of a kind, though similar ones can be purchased from Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor's, and K-Mart.

Yeehaw! Pink goes country in this checkered, button down shirt. Made from 60% cotton and 40% synthetic fibers, which allows for stretching room, this is the perfect shirt to milk cows in, or as Bob-o shows us, to *Coughs* milk other things in. This shirt proves that even the tuffest of cowboys can wear pink and still be brute.

Next up we have Bob-o in this playfully pink long shelved shirt and black cargo pants. This shirt is excellent for hanging around the house, taking a trip to the mall, or even going to a concert in. This "I'm sexy no matter what color I'm wearing" shirt is 100% cotton and machine washable.
Now the lettering you see on this stunning shirt was hand ironed on by my mother...yes, I said my mother! She and her friends at her retirement home really enjoy helping me "patch" together my fashion collections. What with the fact I threaten to pull their life support, they're always so eager to lend a helping hand where it's needed.

And here we have Bob-o wearing yet another pink shirt. This time though, he's taken it to the "streetz" and is showing the hood he's a true man. Now this pink frock is made from pure fish netting which I picked up from Walmart. Completely hand woven, it is also ideal for any gang banger. The fish netting can double as the perfect weapon in case of any sudden rumbles and can also be used to floss your teeth with after any big meal. Yes, this is one tuff shirt and, believe me, when people see you come strolling up in this breezy number they'll know you mean business.

Moving right along, next up we have Bob-o sporting this plush pink and white bathrobe. Perfect for you "pimp daddies" out there who love to impress the ladies and/or hos. When they see you in this robe made from 100% hamster fur they'll go crazy. Warm, yet cozy this one of a kind robe took 124 hamsters to make. The fur was then dyed and super glued together by my ACE hardware glue gun. Don't be alarmed if you can see a few shiny pieces of metal on the robe, those are just the staples I had to use when I ran out of glue.

Oh, and here we have Bob-o rocking it in metallic pink leather. This "set" is the consequential outfit for all you serious rockers out there. Both jacket and pants are made from premium Florida alligator insuring a pleasurable, snug fit.

What's this? Pink at a luau? That's right, Bob-o is dancing up a storm in this pink nylon tracksuit. He shows the locals how to get down while still looking hip in pink. Whether doing the hula or just working out at the gym this pink tracksuit is a trend setter for all ages.

Ah, here we see Bob-o has decided to take it easy while wearing a plain black, v-neck shirt and hot pink tweed pants, perfect for those late night strolls on the beach. As the waves crash on the shore, getting Bob-o's outfit wet, you can see that it can be machine washed, though, I don't recommend it seeing how tweed has a tendency to shrink. Notice how Bob-o is turning blue... We're probably going to have to cut him out of those pants in a few minutes.

Finally we have Bob-o sporting this "It's a Pink Thing" sweater. Hand knitted from the world's finest sheep wool, and I guarantee you that we only use the creme of the crop fur from the sheep's ass, this hip sweater is sure to keep you warm on those cold days.

Well, that's the show and I do hope you've enjoyed my pink creations. I'd like to thank my model, Bob-o Williams, and I'd also like to thank my abnormal, disturbing fetish with the color pink. Ta ta for now and remember, Think Pink!

Brought to you by Surprise! We're a Cult Fashions