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My, Aren't We Pretty?

 *Coughs* Fruitloop *Coughs* Thanks to BBC America I got to witness the Brit Awards. Now, I wasn't really too sure what the Brit Awards were, but when I heard that Robbie would be performing, it didn't matter, I knew it was worth checking out. Thankfully he opened the show, so I wasn't forced to watch the rest of that manufactured pop group crap. I had to turn the channel when a group named after a steak sauce won an award. Uh, A1? Right... And, who's their rival? Ketchup? *Shakes head* Crackheads. Why you people like that shit is beyond me, but I guess to each is his own so, rock on with your bad taste self.

Now, I was slightly disturbed by Robbie when he did his performance. At first I wasn't too sure, but then as I looked closer, yes, I could definitely see he was wearing eyeliner. So, this brings me to my question- Excuse me, but why?

Robbie, is this all part of your, "no, I'm really gay," charade? Ok, so tell me...Covergirl or MaxFactor? Oh wait, you're rich aren't you? Well then, you probably don't buy the cheap stuff, do you? Oh no, strictly Clinique and Estee Lauder, right? Once I bought a bar of soap by Clinique and it was 30 bucks! It wasn't even fancily colored or anything. Just a hunk of oatmeal beige crap. Speaking of crap, that's exactly what it smelt like. My, aren't we pretty? I ended up throwing it in the trash and going to Bath and might not be the latest in skin technology, but at least their soap smells good. But I digress, back to make-up boy.

So, Boy George... oops I mean Robbie, what shade of lipstick do you prefer? Are you down with the latest spring colors or do you just wing it? I think you would look ravishing in a soft pink, perhaps even a dark raspberry. Huh? What's that? You don't wear lipstick? Well, why the hell not?!? Why stop at just eyeliner? C'mon, you could be one foxy babe if you went the whole nine. A light blush, a hint of passion pink lipstick with matching eyeshadow, and of course one kick ass beauty mark...Cindy Crawford, eat your heart out. Awwyeah, now we're talking! Just look at how bitchin' you are with your make-up done right. Boy you look good, won't you back that thing up? Sike, you look like a painted hooker clown- nasty!

Seriously though, why the eyeliner? Don't you think it's about time you just gave Christina back her Sandblaster 2000- the ultimate make-up applicator- and called it a day?