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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you name your site Pretty in Pink?

A: The pink elephants made me do it.

Q: What does P.W.T. mean?

A: Poor White Trash.

Q: How did you change Robbie's clothes to pink in your fashion gallery?

A: Hey, what the heck are you talking about?!? I didn't change any pictures...that's against copyrighting laws and I don't break laws ok? God gave those pictures to me, so I didn't do it if the proper authorizes ask.

Q: In your section lifestyles of the rich and narcissistic is that a real picture of Robbie's house?

A: Sure, I flew all the way over to England just to take a picture of his house for my website....

Q: Why do you sometimes call Robbie Bob-o?

A: The voices and I thought it would be nice to have a little nickname for him.

Q: Do you like the color pink or something?

A: *Gasps* What the hell do I look like? A Britney Spears fan? I hate the color pink.

Q: Are you American?

A: American? I dunno what you're talking about, I'm Japanese.

Q: Did you really see Robbie live?

A: No, I made up the whole story and I used my crayola crayons to make the pictures.

Q: Are you going to send those crazy letters to Robbie?

A: Why? So he could see what a lunatic freak I am? Yeah, that's a good idea!

Q: That white cat, in the picture from your Deep Arse Travel story, is that your cat?

A: Yup, that's my cat Vanilla Ice. Why are you laughing?!? That's really his name! Poor Vanilla...

Q: How long did it take you to make your site?

A: Um, about an hour and 20 minutes? Hey, what can I say, I'm gifted.

Q: What are Wham shorts?

A: Ask George Michael.

Q: Where did you learn HTML?

A: My pet monkey taught me. Yeah, he's one of those NASA monkeys so he's like really smart.

Q: Are you aware of the fact that you have a lot of spelling errors throughout your site?

A: Are you aware of the fact I don't give a shit?

Q: Did you really make that hair boat thingie? It's funny.

A: Are you laughing at my autistic integrity?!? You're not a very nice person...

Q.) When did you first start liking Robbie?

A.) About 3 years ago. I remembered him from Take That, but I tried not to hold that against him.

Q: Why do you like Robbie Williams so much? Do you have a thing for arrogant people?

A: Arrogant? I dunno. I mean I've never met him, so it would be a little unfair for me to say he's arrogant. Now, does he seem arrogant? Not really. It seems like he has fun doing whatever it is he does and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. But, hey, maybe you're right. Maybe he is a pompous jackass, but that wouldn't make me like him any less. His music makes me happy and that's all I really care about. Does that make me a fucked up person? You bet ya, and I wouldn't have it any other way, because if I was a narrow-minded person, like you, and I went around making preconceived notions about people I didn't know, then I'd have to kick my own ass, which would hurt a lot and I'm just not down with unnecessary pain. So, as you can see, it's really for the best that I say no comment in response to your question.

Q: Don't you feel bad for exploiting Robbie's butt on your page?

A: Ha ha ha.

Q: Do you know when Robbie's going to tour in American again?

A: Let me just whip out Robbie's little pocket planner and seen when he scheduled it in...

Q: What kind of paintshop program does "God" use to make those pictures of Robbie?

A: Well smarty pants, God is almighty and powerful and doesn't need to use paintshop programs. And, might I add that he also knows how to make lighting fly out people's butts, so you had better be careful...