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Games To Play When You're Bored

Here are few fun games I've made up to help put a stop to those boring afternoons...

Sneaky Little Devil

|Things You Need|

1.) Your favorite Robbie Williams CD

2.) DVD player

3.) A good ear

|How To Play|

1.) Put your CD into the DVD player.

2.) Select the track that comes after the one you want to listen to. Example- If you want to hear track 5, then put the CD on track 6.

3.) Now hit the reverse button on the remote to your DVD player.

4.) You are now ready to find subliminal messages. Enjoy!

Take That Frisbee

|Things You Need|

1.) Take That CD

2.) A Toilet

3.) Friend/s (Opitional)

|How To Play|

1.) Stand a few feet away from the toilet.

2.) Toss the CD like a Frisbee at the toilet, trying to get it inside.

3.) The further back you are from the toilet, the more points you get if the CD goes in.

4.) If you toss the CD in the toilet 3 times in a row without missing, you win the game and get to flush it.

Pin the Tiger Panties on Robbie

|Things You Need|

1.) A pair of Robbie's tiger panties.

2.) A full size poster/picture of Robbie.

3.) A few Friends

4.) A blindfold

5.) Thumbtacks

6.) Small pieces of paper with everyone's name on them.

|How You Play|

1.) Taking turns, blindfold and spin around each person and have them try and pin the tiger panties on the poster of Robbie.

2.) Since there's only one pair of tiger panties, everyone has to share them. So, each person gets a chance to pin them on Robbie, but after they're done with their turn, tack the piece of paper, with their name on it, over the spot they placed the panties. Do so until everyone has had a turn.

3.) The one who pins the panties closest to where they're suppose to be, i.e. Robbie's crotch, wins the panties.

Darts A'la Robbie

|Things You Need|

1.) A few darts

2.) This picture of Robbie

|How You Play|

1.) First print out the picture of Robbie.

2.) Pin it up on your wall, door, etc.

3.) Next throw the darts at the picture, trying to get them inside the red area.

4.) Deduct 5 points every time a dart lands anywhere on Robbie's face.

5.) Person with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

If you have a Robbie game that you would like to see on this page, then just email it to me here- and I'll put it up.