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   Here's the rules page, the page were I make rules and boss you around, just kidding. You go to "Earth" if your starting out, it's the Earth chat room.


When your facing your opponent you first have to IM them and challenge, if your opponent agrees then you both go to the chat room representing the planet your on. The challenged person goes first with attacking, even though you don't take turns when battling. Remember one attack at a time. You have to respond to your opponent's attack before he or she does or his or her attack counts. You have to reply using more then four words so you can't just say ::misses:: you have to say something like ::jumps in the air right over the blast::.  When your keeping track of your stats you have to write them down. If something were to happen like someone says ::fires a Mansenko:: then right after it the other guy says ::fires Kameameah:: the first person who typed it would have it. You can only fight people on the same planet as you, and you can't fight people on your team unless it's a team argument. here's an example of a battle:

super krillin: PL: 27,000 HP: 3,400 KI: 700

miari Gohan: PL: 10,400 HP: 2,000 KI: 620

miari Gohan-::jumps into the air and slams sk in the face (phs)::

miari Gohan-(your out of time)

miari Gohan-::hits him in the face and flies back out of the way::

super krillin -::backs up and shoots Mansenko::

miari Gohan-::jumps out of the way just as the blast comes near::

and it would keep going on



    Rage points no longer exist!  


KI CHALLENGES:now this is a fast typing rpg who ever is first gets it




    When you u type how u got away like sk shoots into the air and flies away but the person gets 120 gil from u.


    If someone chooses to kill you once they beat you, you are dead. That means you have to go to another chat room then the live people, there's two ways to get back alive, get wished back by the Dragonballs, or you can stay dead for 1 week. Also u can train for extra 1000 pl 500 hp 250 ki and if u get all blackstar dragonballs u can wish ur self back from the other dimension where u find themfont>



    The 3 type,s of training are self training,the time chamber must be on earth and have ssj it takes u up 10,000 pl,5,000 hp,2,500 ki but can only do once every 6 months,and sparring It's just like battling only no status is involved. When you spar the battle must be at least five moves for it to count. You can only spar 4 times a day, and with the same person twice. .



    In order to get Dragonballs you can do a lot of things, trade people for them, get them from quests, find them in quests, or, my favorite, battle for them. If you want to go on a Dragonball quest you'll have to e-mail me with the type of Dragonball you're searching for, occasionally I will set you up with some monster I created in order to fight for a Dragonball, I'll e-mail you when you get the Dragonball. I will hold an occasional tournament for Dragonballs, but in Tournament battles you can't gain stats. There are three types of Dragonballs Earth, Namek, and Black Star, each of them have a certain amount of wishes.

Earth: 2wish, on planet Earth

Namek: 3 wishes, on planet Namek

Black Star: 4 wishes, while dead,

Wishing rules: You can wish for only up to 1,000,000 gil, only up to 10,000 PL gain, 300 KI gain and immortality IS allowed,but only for one week ,You may not wish people dead



    teams tell who you are if ur on the z fighter side ur good frieza evil and saiyan self caring and planet destroyers



   A saga is basically when I make a topic of happening and make someone evil or the bad guy. And from that point on the play of the RPG just changes. When I make someone evil I'll usually change their stats and make them stronger or choose the strongest one. Sometimes I'll make groups evil or something. Sometimes I'll have to make someone get kicked out of their team or something (most likely they'll get back in their team). I only make sagas when the guilds getting boring though, and please e-mail me with your idea for a saga.



    In this RPG you can travel to different planets, only it takes you a certain amount of time before you reach the planet, the different planets are represented by different chat rooms, here are all the planet chat rooms, "rpgEarth", "rpgNamek", "rpgVegeta", and "other dimension". You can only travel to different planets after you buy a space ship, you can get them at the store. The main reasons you'd want to go to another planet are, searching for Dragonballs, facing an opponent, and sometimes you'll be sent to places as part of the story line of a saga.



   If after 2 people learn fusion dance or have potara earings they can fusejust e mail me that u did ill add ur stats togethter plus 1000 to all stats both people can play as there character or the fuse.



   In order to get kicked out you must be idle for 2week, without warning me of a vacation or other reason.