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It's all about me...

Hey there, what's up?

I think it's about time I change the info on this page..

It's funny how when I first started my website and was writing stuff about me I was saying how I hope to get into the university of my choice, how I want to be a lawyer, etc... Looking back, some things sound funny, some have actually come true. It's amazing how time flies.. I did get into Simon Fraser University (I just got my certificate in Liberal Arts from SFU), but it is very unlikely that I will ever become a lawyer.. Do I still love law? Absolutely. Do I regret the fact that I'll never get to practice law? I do. Would I want to change anything in my life? Not ever.

Yeah, I guess I should say that I was born on September 14th, 1982 and that I live in Vancouver Canada.. though this is about to change since I'm moving to Moscow in 5 days. I'm pretty excited about that though I know I'll miss Canada.. it feels like I've lived here most of my life.. but none the less I don't want to spend my life here.. what life? lol exactly.. it's a little boring.. though something tells me that Moscow will not be much better...

I guess I should still keep the part about France.. where I say " I still think (and always will think) that France is awesome, and it's a perfect place to have a nice house with lots of candles and roses facing the Mediterraniean Sea, few minutes away from the beach." Yeah, that part I had since I first created my site :o)

Well, I wrote much more than I intended to, so I guess I better stop.. besides I'm out of ideas.. I hope you like it here and you can view my pictures in the gallery.. Bye Bye

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