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Feb. 6
Important date: Feb 25 - UNDER RUG SWEPT is comming out
In other news: Working on a new, better and improved site
On local radio stations (here in PR), Hands Clean is already topping the charts being in the top 5 most requested songs of the week

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Dec. 20 a holiday greeting was posted. its cool....if I knew how to put a little pic from it, I would...but ... whatever..check it out :)

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Dec. 19
Word that Alanis' single is hitting the stores on Jan. 21/22
Alanis Morissette "Hands Clean" adds January 21/22. Itís the first single from her new CD Under Rug Swept, in stores in February.
Thanks to Arsondude from


Dec. 11
Meet Alanis! MSN launched an Alanis contest to meet her in California!! click here for more information and for a chance to enter (I feel sorry for those who are not from the US or Canada)


Nov. 28
Alanis talks about her part in the gap ad. did a gap commercial in which i sing a bit of "give a little bit" by supertramp... they offered to give the money i made from the commercial to a charity or two of my choice.. and that the message of the commercial overall was to encourage charitability and reaching out...felt good. like a microcosm video shoot that aligned with where my head is mostly at these days.


Nov. 25
NEW wallpapers added


Nov. 8
Good News:
Alanis will be realeasing ALL her songs after all! She writes (and I quote from I wrote about 30 songs over the last year and recorded all of them in some form. Really focusing on the final 21 songs and finally deciding (after excruciating deliberation and vacillations) on 11 of them for the record (which I consider "volume one") and the rest of them on an EP which will come out some time after the release of the record (volume 2). Any of the ones that don't show up on the EP will show up somewhere because I love them and would like to share them.
She is working on the cd "Under Rug Swept" pinting and photographing, etc....and that the cd would be out any time soon (well, actually, on Feb. 25 - the release date)

"I am waiting to see what form it takes with intrigue rather than biting my nails wondering whether I will even be able to fly and surely crash into the rocks below" (I just love this sentence she wrote on her diary posted on

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