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*Birthdate:* April 17th, 1985

Name on Birth Certificate:* Amber Dacquri Juanita Juarez

*Nicknames* Spaz, Ted, Ambertoli, Ambular

Age:* 19

*School:* Sophomore at TxState-San Marcos

*Location:* Buda

*E-mail Address:*

*Color of Eyes:* hazel/green

*Hair Color:* Brown

*Height:* 5’6

*Siblings:* Tori **almost 21 and Travis 7

*Whens your Bedtime?* When I fall asleep

--------HAVE YOU EVER---------

Ever been so drunk, you blacked out?* UHHH… no…

*Put a bodypart on fire for amusement?*No, I have what they call “brains” (and I actually use them)

*Been in a car accident?* Yeah.. that wasn’t a great experience.. I leave it at that

*Been hurt emotionally?* oh yeah.. all the time

*Had an imaginary friend?* Drop dead Ned

*Wanted to hook up with a friend?* YEAH.. CAUSE ALL MY FRIENDS ARE CUTIES

*Cried during a movie?* yeah.. I’m a sap

*Had a crush on a teacher?* Not really

*Ever thought an animated character was hot?* sponge bob

*Had a New Kids On The Block tape?* never

*Been on stage?* Yes … I was in choir.. hee hee the Disney Musical…

*Cut your hair?* yep

*Been sarcastic?* I’m always sarcastic


*Shampoo:* Garnier Fructis

*Color:* red

*Day/ Night: A little before sunset

*Summer/Winter:* more summer than winter.. but I especially like the Spring

*Lace/Satin:* Silk actually

*Cartoon Characters:* The Ninja Turtles..

*Food:* Mexican.. love dem chalupas

*Ice Cream:* homemade vanilla… and cookies n cream

*Drink:* Red Powerade

---------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-------

*Yourself:* sometimes

*Friends:* always..

*Santa Clause:* When I’m in the Christmas mood.. sure

*Tooth Fairy:* umm.. no

*Angels:* Yes, ofcourse *Ghosts:* Ghost, no not really…spirits, yeah

*UFO's:* uhm, no

--------FRIENDS AND LIFE--------

*Do you have a bf/gf?* nope

*Like anyone?* kinda…its complicated

*Who's the loudest?* Jackie for Sure

*Whos the weirdest?* umm Brandy??

*Who do you go to for advice?* Stefano

*Who do you think most about when you are alone?* Rudy

*Who do you cry with?*Vicki

*Whats the best feeling in the world?* Confidence

*Worst feeling?* Pain

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