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I AM STILL WORKING ON THIS PAGE! Well Yea Thats me Right There I Live In Arkansas its Boring as Hell Over here So if you ever Think about moving to arkansas Forget it Its Not worth It.......I'm A Latino I'm From Honduras.....In Case your wondering Thats in Central America...yea so that means im not MEXICAN.......My favorite color is orange as you can tell in the picture above My room is orange...I have a pretty nice life ............I am turning 15 in august 10 and if u want to know More Information About Me Email me or IM me sometime status:I'm Single right Now and i am looking to meet that right girl in my life hey it could be you

Life is full of surprises....the way a man lives his life is the way he dies... Heres Something that i found out not long ago about this one girl i liked alot i mean i adored her i treated her like my princess..well i mean she was my princess but in the end it didnt turn out to good she lied to me the whole time and she cheated on me but now i know what kind of person she is She is one of types of girls that dont deserve anything shes just a liar and if you are reading this you know who you are Me and you are better off seperated


My ScreenName is Brownguy37 So holla at me......So you know maybe me and You can know work something out .........;-)

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