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Name: Venomous Poison
Nicknames: VP/Poison/The Veenom
Gender: Male
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Height: 6'9 (Feet)
Weight: 305 Pounds
Cocky, Arogant, Leadership Material
"Put a lil' Poison in it"
"And Don't Doubt That ... Live That"
Favourite Match Type:
Tables, Ladders and Chairs (TLC)
Entrance Theme:
"Won't Back Down" by Fuel
Finishing Move:
Finishing Move Description:
Brock Lesnar F-5 into a Flying DDT
Signature Moves:
Venom Buster: Front-Headlock into a Jump Up Knee Smash
The Veenoms Elbow: Diving Elbow Drop
Spear: Takedown Spear
Pumphandle Fall Away: Pumphandle Slam position, lift up and toss over the head
VP-DDT: Very Quickly-Executed Raven Effect
Jump-Up Neckbreaker: Jumping Neckbreaker (HHH Style)
Spin-Out Powerbomb: Spinning-Out Powerbomb
Flapjack: When Opponent is running, hook arm under groin and lift
them up and plant them over your shoulder face first
Superkick: Super Kick
Spinebuster: Normal Version of a Spinebuster (HHH Style)
Other Notes: Creator of the CCF, VPW, UWF, WWI and BCF