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UPaint is...


Team CoDeC
UPaint Read Me file
UPaint v0.9
MSINet control, place in C:\WINDOWS\system32\

UPaint is a free program for making sigs, edited and improved by Jett.

Currently UPaint has many filters, all of which are listed below:

Currently implemented filters:

-Black & White
-Gray, Black, White
-Invert Colors
-Replace Colors
-Pixelate (Larger Pixels)

all the values are able to be modified, so for example you could use a larger value and then do a grayscale and the grayscale would turn out with darker grays (or you could keep it on default).

There's an undo and a redo button that goes back/forward 10x

Cut, copy, paste, delete, crop

Resize, flip, rotate, clear

Check for new updates without using a webbrowser, click one button and it'll tell you if there's an update, if so it will ask you if you would like to download it, if you click 'yes' it will begin the download immedietly (it doesn't open a website with a link on it, it downloads the .zip and runs it)

Currently it can open most if not all kinda of files, but it can only save to .bmps. This probably wont be changed because I would be coding so much to make it save to a JPG and the JPG would probably be even less quality then what MSPaint saves as, so why not just let the user open the BMP in MSPaint and save it as a JPG that way?

[Release info]

UPaint is scheduled to be released before or on January 20th, but a few beta testers currently have it.

Here is another shot of the program and a picure I made with it, I know the text is hard to read in this pic but if I undid it all I would have had to redo the patern in the BG (even though it only took like 30 seconds)